How Good Web Design Can Help Increase Your Conversion Rate

People have a misconception of the role played by web design of a website. Many people consider web design as just a tool to improve the feel and look of a website. However, your site should look more than a digital brochure. You can achieve different business objectives using web design as a tool. Especially for small businesses, web design should be used to increase the leads of the website.

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Artful Graphic Design: thought to digital design

Ever wonder how graphic design work, the thought behind the graphic design come from or how the creative process works for a graphic designer? From commercial advertisements to fashion graphic design pieces, graphic design is everywhere. And with the rise of graphic design tools like photoshop, anyone with a phone and a wifi can think about becoming a graphic design. However, there is more than meets the eye when it

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Are Internal Image Links SEO Friendly?

Today’s #AskanSEO question comes from Bryan in East Brunswick, N.J.: Are internal links through pictures (click picture, not text) SEO friendly? Are there any positive/ negatives of one over the other? I am currently using Yoast Premium and several pages on our site had alerts for either zero or too few internal links, which lead me to believe the program is not registering the pictures with URLs. Would Google ignore

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Ways to Seek Help for your Web Design Work

Building a website can be as easy as dragging and dropping widgets onto your site. But the problem with such do-it-yourself web design companies is that it emphasizes ease of use, but the website which you create may be often looking amateurish or it can become a cookie-cutter copy of other company’s websites. So what can you do to make your website stand out professionally? Here are some ways in

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‘Design: 2017’ Presents Graphic Design Student Portfolios

Seventeen graphic design seniors will be exhibiting their work as part of the ‘Design: 2017’ at the Pennsylvania College of Technology, the annual student portfolio exhibition in The Gallery at Penn College. A public exhibition reception will be held on Friday, April 28th from 4 to 6 p.m., in the gallery located on the third floor of the Madigan Library. The design work will be put up to display through

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How Web Design Can Influence Conversion- Part 2

We will continue from where we stopped yesterday and talk about other important features of a web design. We will read about Readability and Typography along with conversion opportunities. Readability and Typography Having clear, readable and high-contrast typography with a logical hierarchy of information will make it easier to actually read the content. Or skim through it, if they can do that. Skim-ability is important for users as they do

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How Web Design Can Influence Conversion

There are a lot of naysayers to the term web design; most of them think that web design is just the cosmetics, the visual appeal of the website. But your website should be more than a pretty digital brochure. Web design is the tool which can be used to achieve specific business goals. For B2B website owners, web design should be the tool to increase the conversion and lead generation

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Why Should we Invest in SEO To Grow Our Businesses?

Why SEO is important to grow your online business and how it is not enough to just rely on SEO to rank high on search engines and you can do this by not relying high on social media. Are you wondering if it is right to invest in Search Engine Optimization to grow your online business? “Is SEO dead?” if you search this you will get more than 10 million

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Well Known Graphic Designer Butcher Billy turns famous love songs into Stephen King Books and Movies

According to a majority of people, the internet is a sick and twisted place but genius still prevails. The latest example of such genius comes from World renowned graphic design Butcher Billy. This time he took all our favorite love songs from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s such as Hall and Oates’ “Maneater” to Joy Division’s “Love will Tear Us Apart” to Tears for Fears’ “Head over Heals” and converted

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Web Design Tips for E-Commerce Websites- Part 2

Display Total Cost of Products Straightforwardly There are many E-Commerce websites which do not display the overall cost of buying the product from the website such as shipping cost unless the customer completes the orders. It is a deceptive practice leaving customers with the feeling that they are being cheated. In order to avoid this, you need to make sure that the total cost of buying the product is shown