Top 5 free Text to Voice Tools You Should Try in 2021

Text-to-voice tools help marketers create audio, and video content as the demand for such content grows. While driving or multitasking, you can listen to a document or double-check an article that you have written by listening to it once, or you may find it easier to retain knowledge from a heard rather than read document.

It is used by visually impaired people and even those with dyslexia and other people who require text to voice conversion. The cost of some text-to-voice converters is high. Here we will show you some of the best and most popular free text to voice converting tools.

You can find all the free tools you need for text-to-voice conversion below.

Top 5 free text to voice converter tools 

1. Balabolka

With Balabolka, you can convert text to voice for free. Several formats, like DOC, PDF, and HTML, are supported in the program, allowing you to easily paste the text on the forum. The narrations can also be saved as audio files along with converting text to voice. You can save either MP3s or WAVs. 

When you convert lengthy documents, Balabolka allows you to create bookmarks. These features are all free for the public to use.

2. Natural reader

Using the Natural Reader, you can convert text to speech in various ways. 

To begin the conversion process, you will need to load the required documents onto the platform. This is an excellent way to organize and manage files. Natural Reader can also read the text contained in scanned images. 

In addition, floatable toolbars are another option. The highlighted text will be corrected for you as soon as it is highlighted. It has the advantage of being able to be used while surfing the web.

3. Text to Speech by Duplichecker

The text to speech converter on this Utility website is free that allowing its users to convert their text-based documents into audible files without any hassle. This online text to voice utility isn’t restricted to converting only English text, as it also supports other languages, including Italiano, Deutsch, Francais, and Polski.

The text to speech converter by Duplichecker isn’t an ordinary tool, as it provides users with advanced features which allow them to make conversions as per their preference. With a couple of clicks, the users can alter the voice speed and select pitch level. Since this text to audio online tool doesn’t charge a single penny, you don’t need to get registered or make an account for converting text to audio.

This text to speak converter can be accessed from anywhere around the globe; you don’t need to install it on your device, as it is an entirely web-based utility.

4. Panopreter Basic 

If you prefer a simple converter, Panopreter Basic is a good option. Text files, web pages, and even Microsoft Word documents can be inserted into this platform. A WAV or MP3 file is then exported.

Short conversions work pretty well with standard settings. However, if you wish to convert long files, you may need to make some adjustments. The interface color and other settings can also be changed. In addition to the free version, Panopreter offers a premium version with a number of valuable features, such as customizable toolbars and various voices.

5. WordTalk 

In the University of Edinburgh’s software library, WordTalk is one of the most popular conversion tools.

It’s a toolbar add-on for Microsoft Word, allowing you to converse with Word documents using text to speech. There is almost no difference between WordTalk and Microsoft Word.

As a result, the toolbar is not very attractive, as its design is not up to par. WordTalk also has some cons, such as incorrectly displayed buttons and a lack of clarity about the functions of the buttons. Nevertheless, WordTalk converts text to speech with great success.

6. Zabaware Text to Speech Reader 

With Zabaware, you get a simple interface and many benefits in addition to WordTalk. 

Several file formats can be opened directly in Zabaware reader. The plain text can also be copied and pasted. 

Zabaware can read any text you provide as input as long as it is running and runs properly. The downside of Zabaware is that it only offers a limited number of voices and can only be customized for volume and speed. Another feature of the platform is that you can even convert text files into WAV formats.

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