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Which is better Web App or the Mobile Browser?

Mobile app or mobile web? While the debate is raging on in professional circles about which is better and why, there is a middle ground which can be established which brings many of the advantages of native mobile apps to the mobile browser. Although both can be used on two types of devices, smartphones and tablets, mobile apps and mobile websites are different. Progressive web apps (PWAs) are an open

Web Design Company in Mumbai

14 Free Web Design Tools for 2018

Using a free website tool which has been used by the design community to add value to your website is a good idea Here is a list of new web tools and design elements from fall 2017. There are designer and developer apps, fonts, content tools, and more. Here are a list of free Web tools: Khroma: Khroma is an artificial intelligence tool which will help store and discover color

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Web Design Trends as we see it in 2018

One of the greatest facets of web design include seeing how it evolves with each day, making it easy for smaller companies to adopt strategies which will give them a competitive edge over their larger counterparts. However, there is a large amount of energy required and also time, which is only fair if you want to overshadow another larger counterpart with greater assets and better-established business infrastructure. It also means

Fonts – the Importance of Typography in Web Design

Typography accounts for 90% of web design. The main reason people visit the website is to read the font, whether it be to read text information about companies or anything else. The words on your website matters, so also does the way in which you present these words hold equal importance. Each website must convey the intent and emotion of the business in the digital world and the best way

Websites Providing Free Website Templates

There are many websites which help in the development process, by providing advice and certain features which will help you in the progress of your website, like free website templates. Templates provide the basic overview of the website and the structure required to add code inside the website template. Here are some website which provide website templates for free: Free CSS.com Our website features thousands of templates from developers throughout

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Top 6 Tactics to Manage CMS website Content

In case you are a medium-sized company then a CMS website system will be useful for you. It gives you a chance at developing a fantastic website with very little innovation and coding. With this framework, a company can deal with content very effectively. Purpose of embracing CMS web Design Any new company owner or proprietor is restricted to resources and needs to discover some answer to create the business.

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The Effect of Web Design on Brand and Conversions

Most business owners have owned up to the fact that good web design is important for their business. But when asked why it was important, only a few could give adequate answer. Web Design is not completely about it’s aesthetic. It is not enough to just add the bells and whistle to the web design of the website when it does not attract customers and increases sales. Many companies try

3 Strategies for Maximizing your Website UX

As the World Wide Web evolves and grows, it is seen that everything and everyone requires an online presence. With the small window of opportunity to capture a person’s attention it is required that their website experience be fun, knowledgeable, inspiring and satisfying. Why user experience matters Great user experience (UX) captures the attention of the people and keeps them on the website longer and keeps making them come again.

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6 required features for ecommerce website development

E-commerce development is a very challenging process. Presented here are surely essential qualities that each e-commerce website must possess. Security is Essential All your website pages should have SSL protection so that the encoded data stays secure. This is so as the debts are paid through mediums such as Mastercard and the bank details are required. On the off chance that your website is not secure, your client won’t buy

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Font Size and its Importance in Web Design

As a web designer it is your job to understand if everything is in place- like the layout, the content, color and graphics which should be created in an eye-catching website. This is all good before you start thinking from the users perspective. Suddenly everything looks as if falling apart, the color is garish, the layout all over the place and the text unreadable. But there is so much scope