10 Best Free Website Builders to use in 2021

It is common knowledge that a successful business or an organization cannot reach heights without a fully functional website. This includes a responsive, SEO- compatible, and good looking website. But, indeed, you don’t have to pay a lot to get one. 

Many platforms offer a wide range of web designing techniques for free or a minimal amount. The best part here is that anyone can do this, as a little or no coding knowledge is required. This is one of the best alternatives to hiring developers, and most small or medium-scale businesses cannot afford to do it. Here is one of the best and free website builders. 

Top free website builders


Wix is one of the most popular free website builders. This platform has an approximate count of 110 million active users. Wix is fully hosted, and offers many techniques like easy drag-and-drop methods, and also provides a wide range of templates designed for every cause, including online stores, e-commerce, 

restaurants, and many more. 

As expected, Wix offers a built-in Google Analytics tool that monitors the traffic of your site. It even provides different apps and plugins for individual preferences. 

One of the cons of Wix is that it gives out a lot of advertisements. But, you can get the premium version to avoid this. 


WordPress is the most popular website builder and the most used. This is a free website builder that even allows you to purchase a web domain. It also provides free hosting, where you can run your site live with a WordPress URL. 

WordPress offers visually stunning websites, blogs, and other beautiful landing pages. Besides this, you can also create forms, contact pages, and many more. Just like Wix, WordPress also needs no prior knowledge of coding or website building. Besides this, WordPress also comes with a simple interface, making it easier for beginners to understand. 

It comes with many themes and designs. 


Weebly is relatively one of the new website building platforms, which offers web hosting, domain registration, web design, and other features. This is extremely suitable for small businesses and startups too. 

Weebly also comes with a drag-and-drop feature, which makes it easier for the users to build websites. This platform comes with built-in SEO and Analytics tools. Weebly is one of the most suitable platforms for e-commerce and online store businesses. This platform is entirely free to use and is ad-free. 


WebNode is a famous website builder that offers website building services for both personal and professional uses. This platform is straightforward to use and is beginner-friendly too. WebNode supports e-commerce and online shopping websites too. These sites are incredibly responsive and are compatible with Mac, Android, and IOS devices. Besides this, WebNode also provides various statistics to track the traffic of your website. This platform is entirely free to use, and even the free version won’t have advertisements. 


Jimdo is one of the most famous German website builder platforms. This is a very viable platform for international companies, as it offers options to create sites in more than nine languages. This builder works perfectly with both tablets and smartphones too. 

Jimdo offers unlimited page building and a free 500 MB space. This is more than enough to build a website. Besides this, the platform also provides security for your websites by offering HTTPS connections and encryptions.  


Just like Jimdo, Mozello also offers an option to create multilingual sites for free. This feature is not found in most website builders. 

Mozello offers a wide range of themes and templates, including designs for blogs, e-commerce stores, and other uses. Besides this, it also offers SEO tools and options for free. The platform also provides 500 MB of space for free. 

One of the disadvantages here is that Mozello doesn’t offer a drag-and-drop option, making it a bit difficult for beginners to build sites. 

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