How to find the website IP address

All websites on the internet have an IP address, which allows browsers to find them and retrieve information.

Knowing a website’s IP address can be useful for:

  • Making network troubleshooting easier, such as determining the cause of a failed network connection.
  • Enable remote administration control.
  • Certain websites are being blocked.
  • Accessing Restricted Websites

Non-technical people may have difficulty locating IP addresses on the internet. We’ve discussed some simple methods for determining a website’s IP address.


It is a command in the Windows Command Line. Ping sends a name to the website and returns the IP address of the website.

To obtain a website’s IP address, use the following methods:

  • Launch the command line prompt in Windows.
  • Launch the search bar.
  • Enter ‘cmd’.
  • Choose the Command Line tool.

Type in the following command and press enter-


The command will return the IP address of the website you requested, along with the other information you requested. It will resemble the following-

You can also use the Ping Command on iOS and Linux to look up a website’s IP address.

All you need to do is launch the CLI and enter the above command.

Open Command line in Linux:

Press Ctrl+Alt+T

Open Command Line or Terminal on Mac:

Go to the Applications folder, click on utilities, and select the Terminal icon.


In a welcome email, hosting companies include the IP address of the server where your website is hosted. If you can’t find it, contact your hosting provider’s support.

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WHOIS is a protocol that searches databases for information about an internet resource’s registration. It is used to determine a website’s IP address as well as other information.

However, because it does not always reveal the IP address information, we recommend trying other methods first.

To find a website server’s IP address in this manner, first go to any website that provides WHOIS database query and response services. As an example, consider

Look up the domain name of the website whose IP you want to retrieve.

Interestingly, even if the website is down or unavailable, WHOIS will still provide you with the IP address because IP addresses are stored statically in a database. The Ping command, on the other hand, will not find a website’s IP address if it is not online.

If you only want to find the IP address of your own website, you can use websites like

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