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Why focusing on just SEO is not Enough – Part 2

Alt Attributes Don’t Answer Questions; High-Value Content Does Keep in mind that technical aspects of SEO should not be overlooked such as Alt tags, URL headers, structures, etc. In fact the study from KissMetrics shows that job titles revealed that jobs with SEO titles averages more than $100,000 annually. Clearly, companies want an SEO expert who knows what they are doing. However, changing the alt tags attribute isn’t something which

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Why Focusing on just SEO is not Enough

“The only constant is change” As clichéd this term is, it is the perfect way to describe the relationship of Digital Marketers with Search engine Optimization (SEO). Google’s algorithm is constantly changing hence so is the SEO strategies of digital marketers are too. Luckily, Google Webmaster guidelines clearly spell out what they’re looking for: Make pages for users, and not for search engines primarily Don’t deceive your users Avoid tricks

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Emotional Web Design and Action of Colors – Part 2

In the previous article we talked about the difference in colors and what it means in web design, we will look at the different colors in detail in this article. Yellow Although yellow is the color of happiness, optimism, warmth and enlightenment, it also has some negative connotations such as the color of cowardice, illness, and madness along with betrayal. Yellow is also found to be the most visible color

Emotional Web Design and the Actions of Colors

Appealing to the emotions of the audience is not something which is new and certainly something which marketers and branding experts will have plenty of experience and specialist knowledge about. But because the online world is getting saturated with content, it is highly important to cater to the needs of users and make them instantly feel at home on your site.   With the help of SEO copywriters who are

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Emoji SEO: How You Can Rank for Emoji-Based Searches? – Part 2

Psychology Today has mentioned and studied the behavior of Generation Zers and Millenials and they found that they are more likely to express themselves through emoji format over typing their thoughts and feelings conventionally. What’s more is that using emojis to express themselves in a larger fashion will eventually translate into how people use search engines. We have seen a similar change in how Google searches interpret themselves with acronyms

Emoji SEO: How You Can Rank for Emoji-Based Searches?

It may seem silly now, but at the rate millennials and Generation Zs are using Emoji it may not be a far thought out idea to include Emoji SEO in the next 10 years. Think back to when domains started to be introduced in the market. Many smart people bought domains with seemingly simple ideas such as, These started selling for the huge amount of money when the

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Why You Should Use a Website Builder Instead of a Web Designer- Part 2

Set up Your Website Quickly When you need a website to be built within days because you don’t want to lose out to your competitors because of lack of resource, or not lose your customers because they can’t find you online, then a website builder is most useful because you don’t want to hear a web designer that the best he can do is in two weeks to a month.

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Why You Should Use a Website Builder Instead of a Web Designer

Website builder are truly magical, and they are nothing less than ‘pulling a rabbit out of a hat’ for a non web designer. Even non web designers can go through the satisfaction of creating a fulfilling website even though they aren’t adept in coding technologies, which are peculiar to web designers. The argument is that this isn’t about not hiring a web designer. In fact, there are certain facets of

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Graphic Designer Saul Bass and his Foray into Movies

Saul Bass is a graphic designer whose work is far more popular than his works. His work appears in movies by many great directors such as Martin Scorcese, Stanley Kubrick, Alfred Hitchcock and Otto Preminger. If you have seen “Catch me If you Can”, Mad Men, or any other movie with a title sequence then you have seen Bass’s influence. Throughout his 40 year career, Bass was a perfectionist in

How Good Web Design Can Help Increase Your Conversion Rate- Part 2

Typography and Readability on the Website Having readable, clear and balanced contrast typography with a sensible chain of info will make it a lot easier for the visitors to read the content on your business or e-commerce website. Or you can highlight or summarize the important points, as the visitors are mostly looking for specific info and won’t be reading large patches of content. Hire an experienced Web Design Company,