Best travel affiliate programs to increase your blog income

If you are well-versed in the art of affiliate marketing, then read this article for the entire list of travel affiliate programs for your blog.

Travel affiliate networks help in connecting publishers with affiliate programs that let them develop travel-related offers. Travel offers can be a successful niche in affiliate marketing as the subject area will constantly be popular, mainly for mobile users who want to travel the world.

A travel affiliate program helps you develop the products and services of travel companies through links. If someone buys the products or services through your link, you will be paid some commission.

How do they work?

Travel affiliate programs work the same way as the other affiliate programs. That is by setting special links on sites or sharing them through social media so a company can tell how a person found them and pay for the referral. The best part is that it does not cost readers anything more than it would if they just visited the site.
Once you enter affiliate programs, there are many businesses to choose from.

Best Travel Affiliate Programs to increase your blog income travel affiliate program is a famous name in the travel industry.

They also have an affiliate partner program that is open for everyone with a blog/website, an app, or travel agency. As long as you can suggest the best choice of accommodations, this program is meant for you.

Key features

  • Free & easy sign-up.
  • Offers search box, deep linking, as well as banner integration options.
  • Offer-based, commission split model.
  • Minimum payout of €100.
  • Payout mode is PayPal.
Stayed bookings per monthYour payment from Total commission
501 or more40%

TripAdvisor travel affiliate program

When planning a trip, people regularly check TripAdvisor for reviews, recommendations, and bookings.

This affiliate program will be helpful as you can source content from their site and link your viewers back to the original content by your tracking link.

Key features

  • 50% commission.
  • Linking to more than 500,000 cities & hotels.
  • Tiered commission structure.
  • Monthly payout.

Examples of publishers they work with, their traffic to Tripadvisor, and monthly commissions

Publisher 1170 clicks sent to Tripadvisor$60/mo
Publisher 26100 clicks sent to Tripadvisor$1720/mo
Publisher 3850 clicks sent to Tripadvisor$550/mo

The money earned per click-out also depends on factors like the booking partner, hotel, seasonality, and duration of stay.

Agoda travel affiliate program

Agoda unquestionably deserves to be on the list of best travel blog affiliate programs.

Their affiliate program is available for everyone to join as long as you have a website or a blog.

The approval is a standard process & takes 48-72 hours.

Key features

  • 60% commission on margin.
  • Search box, text links & data feeds.
  • Utilize hotel power ads to increase your revenue by 3x.
  • Minimum payout of $200.
  • The payout method is direct bank transfer.

Each $200 booking, at a commission rate of 5%, will earn you $10 in commissions.

Skyscanner travel affiliate program

For your travel blog, Skyscanner proposes several options. The one that you would want to begin with is the Travel Widget.

You can utilize this widget in your sidebar or round the content where you are more likely to have viewers take action. This widget is going to redirect them to the Skyscanner site.

If you want to take it to a new level, you can appoint a developer & use the Skyscanner travel API to create your own search functionality on your website or mobile app.

Key features

  • White-label solutions for advising flight searches on your website.
  • One of the most successful travel affiliate program APIs.
  • Flight booking widget for your sidebar.
  • Detailed reference systems to assist you.
  • Supports flight bookings, hotel bookings, and car rentals.

Skyscanner pays 50% of their commission for each flight car or hotel booked at any of their travel partners. You even get a $1 CPI for each designated visitor that installs their Android or Apple IOS app on their mobile device.

Airbnb referral program

Instead of earning hard cash in a referral program, you earn points that you can make use of to buy products on the same network.

Airbnb has a top-rated referral program that supports you to earn decent “money” by referring other users.

You can earn almost $72 for every successful referral & a maximum of USD 5,000 travel credit per account.

Key Features

  • Easy to share the referral link
  • A well-known name in the travel industry.
  • Suitable for travel income.


ShareASale is an affiliate marketplace where you get the best affiliate programs in any niche.

Most of the successful travel airlines, hotels, and services (such as Qatar Airways, The Lalit Hotels, Riu Hotels, etc.) are available through ShareASale.

Key features

  • Payment by direct bank deposit.
  • Convenient to reach the minimum payout.
  • See the highest performing affiliate programs in every niche.

Amazon associates

Amazon is one of the top destinations when it comes to online buying. They have an astounding reputation and will assist you to earn great amounts of money in a less amount of time.

After you join the Amazon Associates program, you can link to any product listed on Amazon & earn money across the entire site.

Key features

  • Extremely reputed network.
  • Getting started is simple, and you will find many guides & videos.
  • Various products related to travelers & traveling.
  • Greater commission as you begin referring more users.

The schedule below outlines the advertising fee rates you may earn as a participant in this program

Fixed Advertising Rates for Specific Product Categories

Product CategoryFixed Advertising Rates
Apparel & Accessories
Luggage & Bags
Toys & Baby Products
Kitchen Appliances
Kitchen & Housewares
Sports, Fitness & Outdoors
DIY & Tools
Grocery & Gourmet
Office & Stationery
Health, Beauty & Personal care
Personal Care Appliances
Jewelry (Excluding silver & Gold coins)
Car, Motorbike, Industrial & Scientific Products
Musical Instruments
Large Appliances
Video Games
Consumer Electronics & Accessories (excl. Data Storage Devices) Mobile Accessories
Mobile Phones
Bicycles & Heavy Gym Equipment
Tires & Rims
Data Storage Devices2%
Gold & Silver Coins0.2%
All other categories10%

 Limitations on Advertising Fee Rates for Certain Products

You won’t gain any advertising fees from qualifying purchases of the products given below

  1. Flight Bookings, Gift Cards, Bill Payments & Recharges
  2. Video Gaming Consoles & Hardware
  3. Prime Membership
  4. Amazon Fresh orders
  5. Amazon Pay Balance
  6. Xiaomi: Redmi Note 9 Pro, Redmi Note 9 Pro Max, Redmi 8A Dual, Redmi Note 9, Redmi 9 Prime, Redmi 9, Redmi 9A, Redmi 9 Power, Mi 10T Series, Mi 10i
  7. Samsung: M21, M02s
  8. Honor 9A
  9. Apple: All iPhones

Due to the uniformly growing influence that the internet has on every niche today, it is the correct time to acquire the advantages and begin earning money online. Travel has been one of the most successful niches for marketers. Please go through the affiliate programs in this post, relate them to your audience, choose the most suitable options, and commence your promotion.

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