What are Backlinks? Guide to Make Quality Backlinks: 2024

Whether you are new to SEO or have been doing SEO for a while, this post will answer all your queries.

This post will give you all the information about SEO Backlinks, what they are, what are the types of backlinks, and most importantly, how to make quality backlinks for your website. So if you want, authoritative backlinks for your website don’t skip any section.

In your career as an SEO executive, you will hear the word backlinks every day, sometimes even multiple times a day.

A backlink is a link that is created when one website leads to another. Backlinks are also known as “inbound links” or “incoming links.” Backlinks are valuable for SEO as they reflect a “vote of confidence” from one site to another.

Why Backlink is Important

Like in real life, if many people know someone, we deem that person famous, similar to the internet. A website with lots of backlinks from different websites is considered famous or more authoritative. 

Let’s see why backlinks are essential:

Better ranking: Adding many backlinks give you a greater chance of being found soon. That leads to faster indexing and then higher rankings in a lesser period.

Google bots use backlinks as an internet navigation tool. Creating a bunch of them for your website helps raise the average period it takes for SEO to work.

Who wouldn’t want to see faster rankings, right? With high-quality and appropriate backlinks, you can speed up the SERPs the correct way.

Get Referral traffic

Referral traffic evolves from backlinks. When companies get the correct backlinks, they produce traditional sources of extra traffic to the website. Links are often passed from one social group to the other.

Referral traffic is an essential metric to view for inbound marketers. It sends valuable visitants to the website from trusted domains while perceiving your content in front of new people.

Faster Indexing on Search Engines

Backlink indexation is related to content indexation. It indicates that the backlink will be approved and combined with a search engine’s database. This is the first stage of ranking.

Not only do backlinks improve the rank worthiness of pages, but it even funnels traffic to your site when posted on a public blog or an online publication.

This suggests you could be missing out on a large revenue stream if you use link building for lead generation.

Types of Backlinks


Do follow backlinks are the most popular and helpful type of backlink for SEO.

When you add a Do follow link on your website, you are informing Google that the link is unaltered, which means that the target website did not buy the link—and that you’re asserting for the exactness of the content at the other end of the link.

No Follow

No, follow backlinks are less popular. They’re also less helpful. They are used to inform search engines to ignore a specific link.

Google’s standard description of the No follow tag is, ‘Nofollow’ presents a way for webmasters to inform search engines ‘Do not follow the links on this page’ or ‘Do not follow the specific link.’


This is a new kind of backlink introduced which indicate that a certain backlink is sponsored. This doesn’t mean that is has more value as a do-follow link.

Common Term Related to Backlinks 

Link Juice

Link juice is a phrase in SEO that references the authority or condition that one backlink transfers to the website that it unites with. In SEO, link juice is also known as “link equity.” Backlinks from sites with higher administration and significance on a topic will create extra link juice and improve the search engines’ page rank.

Low-Quality Backlink

A low-quality link is a link that appears from a not-so trusted website. Following the Penguin algorithm change, Google has been breaking down on bad links. Before the Penguin algorithm was launched, websites were profaning Google Webmaster Guidelines with black hat SEO.

Typically, people used to pay for links so they would get a higher ranking and authority. Due to this, Penguin was launched. Rather than improving their rankings, this update truly brought down webpages connected with these low-quality links.

Quality backlink

A quality backlink is known to be a link that appears from a high domain authority site that is well-trusted by search engines as well as searchers.

Hence, not only do the robots trust the website entirely, but even people can also trust the website.

Internal Links

Internal links are known to be links that progress from an individual page to a separate page on that same domain. They are generally used in the main navigation.

These kinds of links are helpful because they allow users to operate a website and help get information hierarchy for the provided website. They even help spread link equity around the website.

Anchor Text

Anchor Text is the evident, clickable text found in a hyperlink. In the latest browsers, it is usually blue and underlined. Anchor text is the prominent characters that hyperlinks show before linking to a different document or location on the website. It usually appears as blue underlined text, but you can change your website’s link colors as well as styles through your HTML or CSS.

How to Make Backlinks 

Guest Post

Guest posting is the method of writing blogs for different websites to be published. It is a process of getting backlinks from other blogs to your website in change for an article.

These links can be specified in various places in the post. You could set a link in the article’s body attached to a keyword or phrase that is related. People usually place links in the author bio added at the end of the article.

Internal links are more helpful as they have a greater click-through rate as people read the blog, other than when the information has been obtained

Submit to Web Directories

When you notice an ad offering to suggest your site to hundreds of search engines to conserve your money, it is not worth the time that it takes to sign-up for their assistance. It is better to spend your money on a different form of promotion.

It would be worth the time and money to submit your site to many different directories. Human beings observe directories before being accepted for submission. Their incorporation helps boost your link popularity because now you have more backlinks that point back to your site.

Comment Backlinks

Most of the time, when you comment on a blog post, you can include a link that points back to your website. Spammers usually misuse this, and it can convert into a negative link building tool.

A meaningful and relevant comment on a high-quality blog post can from sharing links because it can direct traffic towards your site and improve your brand’s visibility. It would help if you focused on commenting on relevant, high-quality blogs related to your industry.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is the method to get satisfying backlinks, massive traffic, branding, promotion, and indexing privileges. It is mainly a centralized online service. It enables users to add, edit, annotate and share bookmarks of different web documents.

The web pages that we bookmark on social bookmarking sites are recognized as a quality backlink for search engines. And we know that the quality backlinks support us to improve blog traffic and Google Page Rank. That is the main reason why SEO professionals incorporate Social bookmarking in their search engine optimization practices.

Infographics Backlink

Infographics are the ideal blend of visuals and text. Most infographics are visually appealing and contain fascinating information about a specific topic that readers can easily browse through.

Good infographics can make sure your content goes viral, create lots of high-quality backlinks, and develop your site’s overall SEO. Well-designed and informative infographics will help you get many backlinks, supporting you to rank high in all the search engine rankings.

Sitewide Link

Sitewide links are known as outbound links that appear many times everywhere on a web site or a website segment. These are typically the links that appear in the footer, sidebar, or navigation menu.

The LRT Sitewide Links Filter removes many links from a particular domain not to skew the results.

I hope this article was helpful so that you could get started on creating backlinks.