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Web Design Tips for E-Commerce Websites

Online shopping is rapidly increasing with each passing day. A lot of the thanks goes to Online Shopping Portals who use advanced technology on their website to help customers gain from the best shopping experience on their sites. A well-designed E-Commerce website can generate a lot of traffic to your website and can improve the sales on the website by a huge margin. If you are planning on creating an

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Italy’s new Graphic Design Website Tries to put Italy on the World Map

Recently, a new website archiving the history of Italy’s graphic design heritage and its global influence has been launched, called Archivio Grafica Italiana, the database is founded and edited by Nicola-Matteo Munari, who wishes that the world would look at Graphic Design made in Italy similar to the architecture and furniture made in the  country. A digital catalog of sorts, Archivio Grafica Italiana presents images from categories like logotype, packaging,

Trends and Data Covering Mobile Web Design

Mobile devices are driving sales and demand in the companies online. Recently, Google started its own certification for mobile web design which is comparable to most college courses. Google known as Alphabet Inc. provides certification for multiple fields such as Google Adwords for Marketing Associates, Google Analytics for managers and Google Developer for people that like to code. Google just rolled out a lengthy exam and training for the course.

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Design is in the head and heart

Typography artist and graphic designer Shiva Nallaperumal was in the city and talks about how important typography is in daily life. “Thanks to my father, as a child, it was always books over video games. I had the entire Tintin collection at home. That was how I was first exposed to typography”, says Shiva Nallaperumal. The 24-year old artist has already won a plethora of awards related to this work

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Best Reasons to Choose CyberRafting for Your Website Design Needs

You must have realized that in order to create a favorable first impression on your desired audience you need to have a good website. The reasons why you need to create a favorable impression include getting leads and revenue for your company using the online medium. Whether it be an idea, a product, a service or a brand you require a website of the right type to create a positive

Difference Between White-Hat SEO and Black-Hat SEO !

You probably want to learn SEO or you are trying to do SEO for your website, and this million dollar question pops up. Here is everything you need to know about these two seo techniques. First and foremost – Search engines loves White Hat SEO and hates Black Hat SEO White-Hat SEO is the process of legally and methodically improving the ranking of your website, while Black-Hat SEO is the

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3 Best Practices for Mobile Vinyl Graphics Design

Mobile vinyl designs are a great way to grab the attention of customer with a low overhead cost. Vinyl designs are cheap to produce, easily customizable, inexpensive to update and change, command attention, and serves as a mobile billboard for vast audience reach. There are however some guidelines to follow while making mobile vinyl graphics design to ensure the best results from it. Make it Visible It is important to

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Pay-as-you-go cloud platform offers fast, convenient web design

There aren’t many businesses out there who do not have a website, even those who are new to the business require a website, but building a site can be cost intensive and keeping the website up to date can be time-consuming and a costly affair. Therefore, a Texas-based software developer company named Snaplitics has come up with a new web development software which is an affordable tool for creating websites

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Fake SEO Plugin Used in Malware Attack on WordPress

Malware software masquerading as an SEO plugin called WP-Base-SEO has infected close to 4,000 WordPress sites in the last two week, according to security experts. The attempt to install these plugins which act as a legitimate SEO tool for use by the WordPress Site while creating a backdoor to the targeted WordPress account. “They have copied the code from an existing SEO plugin, which has been tweaked to work for

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Switching to Atom for Web Coding

We all have known people who were coding since blink was the popular item, when website under construction was the rage and when every site declared with images even if there was a war on which browser it landed on, Netscape or Internet Explorer. There weren’t many tools available at that time, and WYSIWYG editors were messy with their code examples. The what you see is what you get editors