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Web Design Trends 2017 – An Obvious List

When we talk about Web Design Trends on 2017, many people have written articles about it, when certain trends exists there is reason to highlight them in blog articles. We have created such web design trends for 2017, which we will use to show the article in great detail. Here are some trends list: Movement It is quite simple, movement holds the attention of people who have little time to

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Reasons About Why Small Business Avoif SEO

It’s a race against time for most small businesses today, budgets are tight and competition is stiff. Customers expect more and more. So why hasn’t small businesses embraced one of the most effective tactics to grow their business? Why not use a marketing tactic which is overlooked by so many of their peers?   Plenty of small businesses have embraced social media marketing. However according to a survey of small

Web Design Company in Mumbai

Latest Trends in Web Design 2017

In the new age of digital design, both the designer and developer shouldn’t be left behind. They should be updated on the latest trends so that they are ahead of the competition. Here are certain web design trends that are useful in 2017 and in the future. Proper Collaboration between developers and designers: As the work of the designer and developer greatly shapes the future of the businesses, designers and

Tips on Hiring an SEO Company

The concept of Search Engine Optimization is simple. Set up your website to rank for particular keywords on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. In contrast the work behind SEO can be complicated, and the cost can add up. Through my years working for many SEO companies I have seen that while outsourcing your SEO, a strategy to identify the best company for you is critical. Based on

How to Build and Run a Rockstar Website for your business

It is imperative that every business should have a website. It was seen through a survey by Clutch that 46% of small businesses don’t have a website. Granted that some websites feel that there is no need of a website in their line of business and they are right. However, it is seen that the primary drivers of a company not have an online website is the price of building

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Why choosing the Right Agency is Important- Part 2

Examine and Develop your Goals Once you have shortlisted a few SEO agencies to do your work you need to write down a firm direction before making contact. What should an SEO strategy help you achieve with your company? Typically, such goals should be to increase exposure, boost leads or gain more conversions. While these are great you need to create tangible figures to define success by going a step

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Why choosing the Right Agency is Important

Getting a website off the ground is of highest necessity to solve the visibility puzzle. While every company is placing high importance to the online aspect of business, it is increasingly getting tougher and more competitive to get a new brand in front of as many eyes. According to studies, 93 percent of online experiences begin with an online search most probably in search engines such as Google. Therefore, not

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Improve Website Design with Simple Tools and Tricks – Part 2

A great website for an eCommerce business is similar to creating an online portal to a physical shop. Most of the sales target will be met with this online portal or a great website. However designing a website is more tougher than you might expect, which is why many companies hire web designers and firms to perform the task of creating a website. At Cyberrafting, we know this is how

Improve Website Design with Simple Tools and Tricks

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, but similar is not the case with website design. To make the visitor keep coming to your website you need to improve website design. If the visitors can stay on the website for longer and find what they are looking for, they will be able to engage with the business which will increase the revenue manifold. Use these 5  tips to improve

Web Design Company in Mumbai

Reasons To Leverage a Website Builder DIY

From freelancers to small businesses helping companies create websites for themselves the conundrum continues. You have to consider the fact that dozen clients are required to be managed in the dozens by using your expertise in developing and maintaining websites. They require these websites to improve their bottom line and to manage, develop and brand their companies. This on the other hand affects your own digital property which takes a