SEO training in Mumbai

Good Content is the key to the success of your website and good design in support with good content will get you better sales of your product or services. Good content is using clear words and understanding of the product and passing this message to your target audience using words to garner greater success in online marketing. It is important to know the difference between good content and web design, web design will draw users to your website but it is better content about the services which will keep the customer back on a regular basis. As an SEO Company in Navi Mumbai, we understand good Content can be provided by placing written articles on various web submission website or even your own blog connected to your website, or even one or two pages of updated content on your website. This will help in getting greater success of the website and also the company.

Original and Varied Content

The content and its sources can be invaluable in knowing the success of the website. If you are a professional copywriter then with the help of a small synopsis you can create original and varied content. This can be provided by creating your own content about the company or about the policies and practices such as any new product then it needs to be updated only when changed only once or twice in a month. If you have a high content website such as a blog, forum or even a news website then it may require tech moderation and more content writing than required. This will help create an impression on the user and entice them to visit your website more frequently.

Titles and Meta Tags

Titles and Meta tags help search engines to quickly scan the webpages and understand the thought process of the company and its products. This is used in most search engine because scanning the title and Meta tags will be easier and much faster for search engines to show the result in the search result. Titles can be used with the help of better technologies to guess the keywords which will show up in the search by most new search engines while ignoring the meta tags entirely from the page result.


Keywords are also important in creating better search result in various websites such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. It is the ease of use of these words from the search which is scanned through the webpage and content and then shows up in the search result. Better use of these keywords will result in a higher ranking of the website.

 Content Generation

As an SEO Training in Navi Mumbai, we understand that content generation is the usage of content written by a content writer who takes a brief about the content and writes a well-written article in the creation of better content which will show up in the search result. It is important to know that content will be updated according to the type of website or blog whichever is used.

These are the different types of content on a website.


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