20 Best web 2.0 Sites for Boost up your SEO

Making a web2.0 version of your website is a great way to generate quality backlinks and boost your website ranking without doing anything spammy.

Web 2.0 can be used to boost your website in a great way. These website act like a mini website to money site and

What is Web 2.0

Web 2.0 is a simple and creative way for people to express themselves online. For a web2.0 website, you don’t have to have a fancy computer degree to start your blog.

One very good thing about a web2.0 website is that they already have a very high authority or DA.

Benefits are Web 2.0 Website

1. Easy to Setup

Web 2.0 websites are very easy to setup. You just need to signup and everything will be very easy and self-explanatory.

2. Always free of cost and no annual maintenance.

Running a web 2.0 website involves a minimal to no cost. Most of them are totally free to use. However, you can scale them if you want with some extra pricing.

3. You get do-follow backlinks from the web 2.0 website

Since you have developed the website you are free to take a do-follow backlink to your website.

4. You get a responsive website

All the web 2.0 website are developed on modern web architecture and follow the latest web design standards. It goes Without saying that these websites will be mobile responsive.

5 . Increase In Domain Authority

Creating Web 2.0 help increase domain Authority (DA) of the website. Which in turn gives better ranking in search engines.

Key features of Web 2.0

Some of the noticeable key features of Web 2.0 includes

Free classification of information

This allows users to easily search and find the required information. This includes “tagging” if website’s, images, videos, and links. 

Provides rich user experience

Provides an amazing user experience, by making the site more dynamic and interactive to the user input. This also includes making the website responsive, and suitable for every device.

User participation

As we know, information have a bi-directional flow, between the site owner and the users accessing the sites. This goes through a series of evaluation, review, and online commenting. 

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Web 2.0 sites developed by various APIs, which assists in automated usage. This includes a web app too. 

List of top Web 2.0 Websites

  1. Blogger
  2. WordPress
  3. Weebly
  4. Wix
  5. Square Space
  6. 000WebHost
  7. Google Sites
  8. Hub Pages
  9. Tumbler
  10. Medium
  11. Google Sites
  12. Live Journal
  13. Jimdo
  14. Zoho Sites
  15. Webs
  16. Wikidot
  17. fc2 Blog

How to make a Website on Web 2.0 Website

1. Make it look like a legitimate

Even though you are making a website for free but it will only add value to your money site if your are making it properly. Use all the correct information and add original content.

Your only focus shouldn’t be just link building.

2. Don’t create multiple web 2.0 Websites on a single domain.

Create a single website on a single domain and don’t create two accounts for the same website.

3. Use multimedia

Use multimedia objects like images, videos and gifs like you do on any other site. This will give a more authentic look to your web 2.0 website.

4. Make Links Naturally

You should make links from your web 2.0 website in bulk. Make links in such way that it should look natural. Apart form linking to your own money site link to other authoritative websites too.

5. Regular Update

To have more benefit form web 2.0 website, it is necessary to update them regular. One post per month should be optimum. If you cannot make out time for regular add an article very two months.


We have learned about the importance of Web 2.0 sites, and how they impact our SEO. Creating quality links included with blogging, and quality content, helps us in achieving a higher and better ranking on search engines. Therefore, giving importance to web 2.0 sites will bear a sweeter fruit in the future.