You should read this if you are in sales

One of the most pivotal experiences of my life was doing an internship in sales at the age of 18. I worked for 7months for a firm that used to publish magazines to local businesses mostly cafes in Australia.

  1. Getting five minutes of someone’s time is the toughest thing to do in the world.
  2. What you say in the first 30 seconds matters more than your entire pitch.
  3. If you don’t know your product inside-out, making things up won’t work.
  4. How relatable you are and where you eat your chole bhature might matter to someone buying from you.
  5. Listening is a skill and should be learned with full intent.
  6. Whether it’s for a few hundred or a few lacs, a sales relationship is at the end of the day a relationship. Nurture it.
  7. Phones slammed is not equal to rejection. What you’re selling and how you’re doing it won’t necessarily appeal to everyone.
  8. Following up is not equal to you being needy. Do it with the grace it deserves.
  9. And lastly, while doing everything else, be you. Don’t change who you are to make the sale. Your passion is enough to get you through. Combine it with resilience, and your chance of conversion will only increase.