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SMBs Invest Enough, But Focus on Wrong SEO Metrics

B2B Research and review firm, Clutch have come out with a report saying that SMBs, even though use search engine optimization for their businesses, invest enough for their efforts but their metrics are completely wrong. Fifty two percent of SMBs in the US invested in SEO in the last year and even more about 74% will invest in SEO this year. However, according to clutch, more than 50% of the

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Website Design for Real Estate Developers

Most Real Estate developers of high end luxury real estate do, not what is required for their website design. Here are 9 real estate web design which relates to the impressive luxury real estate, which will come useful both from the companies intending to create a successful website and from already existing websites. Offer a lifestyle instead of a property Buyers of high-end luxury property do care about comfort, exclusivity and privacy.

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Page Speed effect Conversion Rate and Your SEO Ranking

Page speed is the factor which tells us how long it takes for a web page to load in real time. While there are a lot of factors which affect it, host and design are important factors and these can be streamlined. Users and Google also look at Page Speed as important factors when considering their outlook towards the website. If the page takes a lot of time to load

3 Web Technologies Trends to Watch

Web technology is always changing. Whether you are a programmer, a designer, a product owner, e-commerce Company or small business owners; here are certain web technologies trends to watch in the coming years to make sure you are ahead of these technologies. Content Management System Content Management System or ‘CMS’ have been around for a while, whether it is Drupal, Jhoomla or WordPress. What these systems do is create an

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Creating solutions using everyday SEO techniques

All of us have experienced what Bad SEO is. You probably have visited a website where there are key phrases filled into the header, footer, and body of the website along with other irrelevant content. These do nothing to help the visitor learn anything about the website and he leaves as he comes, clueless. However, all the energy made in inserting keywords into a website would leave a person unaware

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Stack Overflow Hiring Trends: ReactJS in, AJAX Out

Online programming community Stack Overflow is providing guidance for developers who might be looking to change jobs in 2017. The research is out, and today ReactJS is in and AJAX is out. Those two web technologies showed the most and least demands in the market. The data came from Stack Overflow website. “We looked at targeting options of employers on Stack Overflow Jobs that were used by at least 200

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How to Win on the SEO Battlefield

Startups constantly worry about how to get their businesses visible to customers online. It is a sure fire starter to create content, place ads on social media and amplifying their message using Hootsuite, but it is hard to move customers if you do not know the full landscape of SEO and the full scope of it. Anne Ward, an SEO expert and the author of the book SEO: The Battlefield

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The Development in Web Frameworks

Most start-ups would agree that the designer is the most valuable asset they possess. And most of these start-ups would agree that they would like to hold on to these web designers as long as possible. What that means is that web designers handle everything in the development arena from coding information in apps to making that final addition into the home page to make it load faster. Before we

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What to look for while hiring for SEO

Experts are saying SEO is finished.. and social media and social everything is all that is required for companies. It is not the case and many companies are still hiring for SEO due to its apparent usefulness. Especially since Google hired an SEO consultant to help with their business and created a video to help companies with their SEO. I think that means that SEO is a valuable asset and