5 Advantages of Using PHP over ASP.Net

Both PHP and ASP.Net have advantages over each other that do not require great thought; they have their own sets of advantages. When choosing to use a scripting language over a compiled language, these reasons are considered.

In our opinion, ASP.Net is more expensive to host, update, and upgrade than PHP because it is an open source language while PHP is a language developed by open source developers. ASP.Net runs only on Windows platforms, whereas PHP works on any platform.

Advantages of ASP .Net

The advantages of ASP .Net is its flexibility and object-oriented features, they provide a seamless interface with other programming language such as Visual Basic .Net and C#. This basically means that the programming language can be changed while the project is still running and it means that multiple programmers can work on the same project. Another important use of ASP .Net’s library is task-based, which basically means that whenever required functionality can be added to the program improving functionality and same development time.

Advantages of PHP

The advantages of PHP are that it is relatively inexpensive and secure and works with HTML to display dynamic elements in displaying webpages. PHP is included in the open source package which is LAMP architecture. LAMP is a software bundle that includes Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. They are all inexpensive, scalable and secure web applications. PHP is very flexible and easy to update as it is adaptable. It has advantages over ASP .Net is that it can run on operating systems and it runs on all of the most popular web servers and can be used on a large number of relational database management systems. PHP has a wide Internet installation systems.

Disadvantages of ASP .Net

As a PHP Training in Navi Mumbai, the disadvantage of ASP .Net is that it is expensive to maintain and is resource intensive, most ASP .Net run on only IIS(Windows based server) and also require more resources than PHP hence requiring more servers to run the website. It is also known to have more bugs and development flaws and hence may lead to crashing of the websites.

Disadvantages of PHP

There are disadvantages of PHP, which include that it can only parse code between its starting and ending tags and the rest in outputted without checking. PHP also lack namespacing which will limit the number of files with the same project under similar names. Another important disadvantage is that as it is an open source language, most big companies do not consider it as a development platform hence causing it to limit to only open source community.

These are reason why ASP .Net has more disadvantages and hence using PHP as a development language.