10 Best Affiliate Programs that pay Every day

While most affiliate programs make you wait for more than a month to obtain your payment, there are some that payout daily. If you earn something on one day, then you can get paid that day itself.
The number of affiliate programs that payout daily is limited. This is because it will be a a risk on the part of the program.
Anyway, if they make a payment and a refund is demanded, they lose out on a small amount of money. In the end, most of these affiliate programs are not going to have the highest commission structure in the world.

Affiliate programs that pay everyday

Affiliate programURL
AdCraxAdCrax affiliate program
Rebll NetworkRebll affiliate program
LeadsteadLeadstead affiliate program
JVZooJVZoo affiliate program
Dr. CashDr. Cash affiliate program
Warrior plusWarriorPlus affiliate program
Terra LeadsTerra Leads affiliate program
ClickMagickClickMagic affiliate program
Ads4doughAds4dough affiliate program

1. Rebll Network

Rebll is an affiliate marketing system that you may not be familiar with.

But they have developed a loyal following in a very particular affiliate community – dating.

Their offers will only befit marketers working in that vertical.

Rebll has over 600 different affiliate programs for you to make money with.

Plus, dating offers to tend are known to have a very rewarding commission structure.

  • Commission: Can vary
  • Campaign types: CPA, CPL
  • Payment methods: PayPal, wire

2. AdCrax

AdCrax has been around since the year 2014, and its whole focus is on the smartphone and mobile market.

But you won’t be limited to offers to advance in your journey to generating passive income.

The issue is that you don’t get to view the different affiliate programs that pay every day until you sign up with them.

AdCrax would appear to have some big brands on their books. All of which you get paid to promote.

Our research revealed many very pleased affiliate marketers are posting transcripts of their AdCrax payments on their social media.
And for some pretty large amount of cash as well

  • Commission:  Can vary
  • Campaign types: CPA, CPL, CPI
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Payoneer, or wire transfer

3. JVZoo

JVZoo has many digital products, some of which you have already been spammed about. Most of them pay high commission rates, but the dollar amount earned means that they are not “high paying” affiliate programs. Most of the products in the non-IM categories are PLR packs.

JVZoo is fully compliant with FTC, GDPR, CASL, ACMA, PCI, and SCA compliances. The affiliate commission is paid as soon as the sale is made. This makes affiliate commission payments easier and safer.

However, they give instant payments through PayPal once you hit your payment threshold. 

  • Commission:  Up to 100% 
  • Campaign types: CPS
  • Payment Frequency: Instantaously the sale is made.
  • Cookie Duration: Lifetime.
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Stripe, Stripe, Payoneer, BlueSnap & Authorize.net

4. Warrior plus

 Warrior Plus was known to be a spin-off from the Warrior Forum, which was once the most successful Internet and affiliate marketing forum.

The idea is straightforward – product creators list their stuff, and affiliates sign up to promote them.

While their marketplace is filled with “How to make money online” products, there are products like coloring books and t-shirt designs.

  • Commission:   Up to 100%
  • Campaign types: CPA
  • Payment methods: PayPal

5. Leadstead

Leadstead is an affiliate program that promises to be able to work with any affiliate publisher you want. If you are working with a given affiliate program on a network and earning a minimum of $100 per day from it, they will try to convince that advertiser to transfer to Leadstead.

They work with around 5,000 publishers, have 800+ affiliate offers, and handle approximately 400,000 sales conversions each month.

Hence they’re not a bunch of amateurs.

International publishers are also honored.

  • Commission:  Can vary
  • Campaign types: CPS, CPL, CPI, CPA
  • Payment methods: Wire transfer, Payoneer, PayPal

6. Terra Leads

TerraLeads is an affiliate network that provides its own variety of nutraceutical products. 

This company refers to itself as “CPA Hub.”

Affiliates can decide to get paid by promoting more than 750 different offers, available in 28 different countries.

The best part is that each geo has its own “call center”; hence, orders are processed regionally, so there are no issues with language barriers.

This program even pays you a bonus in the form of “T-Coins.”

  • Commission: Varies
  • Campaign types: CPA
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Paxum, wire transfer

7. Dr. Cash

 Dr. Cash has been in business since 2016. 

Their entire holdings are made up of nutraceutical products.

A nutraceutical is a health supplement meant to be an alternative to traditional medication.

They also let you monetize almost much any traffic source you have

When it comes to affiliate support, they offer trials of many of their products, so you don’t have to pre-sell much.

  • Commission: Can vary
  • Campaign types: CPA, CPL
  • Payment methods: PayPal, credit card, Paxum

8. ClickMagick

ClickMagick is an original product with its own affiliate program and not just a network.

It’s a functional SAAS product that enables you to precisely track every single link click that appears from either organic or paid CPA ads.

So, rather than making a guess at what your ROI on each campaign is, ClickMagick will give you a complete breakdown of where you stand in terms of keyword performance.

  • Commission:   35%
  • Campaign types: CPS
  • Payment methods: PayPal

9. Ads4dough

Technology plays a significant role in our life. Advertising, which is one of the oldest industries, has to adopt the advantages that technology can deliver. Ads4dough modifies technologies to explain the complexities of the Advertising World and are fully engaged in solving marketing problems through technology.

  • Commission: Can vary
  • Campaign types: CPA, CPS, CPI, CPL
  • Payment methods: Check, Wire, ACH 

Getting paid every day is a sweet deal, and any of these programs should interest you if it is a major priority.

Most affiliate marketers take other factors into account than only payment frequency when they’re picking a program.

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