SEO Services in Navi Mumbai

After many attempts We have finally found the answer to what needs to happen to help your website rank higer in the search results, so make sure you don’t miss out!

Cyber Rafting SEO Services will lift your website higher on the search engine rankings. This in turn will provide you with FREE organic traffic to your website of highly targeted visitors.

Cyber Rafting is based in Mumbai, so we understand our Indian and growing business clients' needs. We are in the business of Online Marketing and SEO for the past 5 years! Enjoy the benefits of working with an experienced team that understands the needs of your business.

Hire us to see a growth in your website traffics, leads, sales, and ultimately growth in terms of revenue. We keep ourselves updated will all the google search algorithms to ensure that the growth can sustain.

What to Expect From Cyber Rafting

We will develop your idea into a professional web application using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP.
On Page Optimization
  • Full audit including technical
  • Meta titles and descriptions
  • Headings (H1-H6)
  • Duplicate content check
  • URL structure
  • Alt text for images
  • Internal Linking
  • Schema mark up
Off Page Optimization
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Increasing your domain's authority
  • External linking from multiple blog articles
  • Bad link penalty removal (if needed)
  • Unique content checker
  • Google Analytics / Google Search Console set-up and monitoring
  • Backlinks analysis
  • Content ideas based on Key Word research

Our SEO Methodology

We will develop your idea into a professional web application using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP.
website assisment for seo

Website Assessment

SEO takes time, and outranking the competitors can be hard sometimes. That's why We don't make fancy promises and out of the box claims. We start our work with a complete assessment of the website at hand. We assess the website in terms of technical and non-technical aspects. This analysis helps us find the shortcomings of the website to set up work for SEO related activities.

Website Assessment for SEO

Keyword research for seo

Keyword Research

Keywords research is essential in terms of business aspects. We identify the keyword that drives business to the website, later on generating some sale or whatever the product or service the website offers.

Keyword research needs to be some from both the site owner's perspective and the real-world data from the consumers looking for the product or service.

content creation for seo

Content Creation

Having done website assessment and keyword research, this is where we get down to business. We then create content around the keywords identified for the website. Content can be web pages, blog posts, product reviews, images, videos, and ppts. Our content-creating team comprises hard-working content writing, graphics, and video editors. Our contents are 100% original and copyright-free.

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link building in seo

Link Building

Search engine optimization (SEO) marketing is an organized activity that works towards an orderly implementation for achieving high rankings in some of the principal search engines. Link building is the process of getting different websites to link back to yours. Sounds simple right? Building links are a sign that your site is a quality source that is worthy of citation. Hence, sites with more backlinks usually earn higher rankings.

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reporting in seo

Honest Reporting

After all the SEO work is completed, it's essential to find a way to explain to our bosses and clients what we are doing and its purpose. Reporting is crucial if you want to have the campaign to work on at all. Our organic SEO marketing methods work in the right direction and offer the best to the clients. Reports have to be honest and straight, but they shouldn't gloss over the negatives.

increase in traffic business growth with seo

Grow with Time

As marketers, we acknowledge that there are several things we could be working on at any given time. To run a successful business is about fixing your focus on the highest-leverage activities like optimizing your SEO. You might start seeing improvements in your organic ranking and a rise in traffic for keyword topics within just a few weeks. However, moderately competitive issues might take a few months, and highly competitive phrases could take even a year or more!

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