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Social Media is a world within a world. There is no doubt to the prior that social media is an integral part of digital marketing. A bunch of social networks exist today like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn. Within this blooming sphere you need to hunt for a chiseled strategy to promote your brand. At Cyberrafting we help you to deduce the best strategy to reach numerous online customers, in the most appealing manner.

Social media channels like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest provide ample opportunities for ensuring general awareness and familiarilty about the brand. Presence of these websites also helps in lead creation via forming a network and brand promotion. Using engagement and user interactive activities, you may also improve your customer service via active social listening and response.

What we Do?

Social media marketing has become vital to digital marketing campaigns and can even be the flag bearer of your marketing goals. As a social media marketing agency, Cyberrafting understands the science behind what makes something shareable. We help your brand to be heard and shared. Our social media strategy involves an in-depth study of your brand and creating tailored content based on which platform is more likely to give you an advantage.

Who Do We Cater To?

Social media services are easily accessible to everyone with the growth of technology and moreover it is relatively inexpensive than traditional advertising. People today thrive on social media marketing and are involving it in all their activities in some form or the other. As a brand you too can utilize this space to initiate a two-way conversation directly between you and your potential customers. With the backing of a right social media strategy, you can convert your followers to loyal buyers by not only educating them about your business but also creating a human connects by showing them an insight of the other aspects of your business.

Get Noticed, Become a Household Brand

Cyberrafting develops successful social media marketing strategies that deliver the right impact. As companies of various sizes in diverse sectors have found out, we help you reach your target audience optimally, create 360 degree brand awareness and achieve results that fulfill your business objectives.



Facebook is one of the top Social Media Marketing Sites that lets People Post, Share and Advertize to Get Quick Response. Feedback Reception in the form of Positive Feedback. Facebook Helps Building Audience • Free Audience Building As: Creative Group- where unlimited members can join, post, comment, share for free. Inviting Friends- This to let people accept your request and further invite them to ‘Share’ your page; ‘Play a Game’; or ‘Attend the Event’. • Smart Audience Building As: Legal Fan/ Business Page, Website, Boosting Post. Installs of App. Getting People to Claim an Offer. Raising Attendance at Event.


Twitter is a micro blogger to Share thoughts, recent happenings, estimations, webpage links, image content, video links and more. Sharing and Posting is also known as ‘Tweet’. Features and Advantages of Twitter: • Twitter is used for micro blogging i.e. to share Opinions, Recent Trends and Launches along with a specific link. • Twitter is used to Promote Business with Short Description and Contact Info • It enables people to visit back to the Webpages, Press Releases and Promotional Sites through sharing links. • Twitter is Google Search Friendly = This may help more people reach Tweets and Follow the same. • Twitter gives a real time snapshot related to a Topic to know what people are talking about.

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