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Video and Animation Services

Do You need video for you business. I can be a Video Presentation or

White board Video

Do you want a White Board video to explain you business we can get it done. With Cyber Rafting you get a highly professional whiteboard explainer video animation about anything you want. It done'nt matter whether your business is small, medium or happens to be challenging, only with us you can get Pro whiteboard video done at an affordable cost.

Our Video Making Process

  1. We try to get as much as possible information about your business or brand.
  2. We do the research and come up with a solid script.
  3. Script is sent to your for approval.
  4. Once the voice over is approved we proceed with the voice-over recording.
  5. Once the voice-over recording is approved we will provide you a rough storyboard sketch, where you can see how everything is going to look.
  6. After the storyboard is approved, we will design every scene with colors and will show you if you need any changes.
  7. Then the final move- animation. In this stage, we will do the animation with characters, graphics, sound effects.

Why Choose us

  1. Affordable Price NO HIDDEN FEE!
  2. High Quality work & 4+ years of experience
  3. Create a video that engages and converts.
  4. Unique Character design (No Copyright Content)
  5. Professional work ! Guaranteed!
  6. Available in Many different language

What You Will get

  1. A fully customized commercial video
  2. Premium Stock footage
  3. License music (Royalty Free)
  4. Custom Text Overlay (Motion Graphic)
  5. Voice over (Female or Male)

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