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Tough Decisions Facing Branding, Here’s How to Master it

The development of technology and the creation of new techniques will continue to change the identity design profession. Gone are the days when fluency in the Adobe Suit was all that was required from your technical abilities. The recent years have brought VR/ AR and other web and mobile technologies to the forefront, and increasingly bots and artificial intelligence. Even if designers are not directly working in these mediums directly,

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SEO Friendly Website Design: A Strong Foundation for Search

SEO is always an afterthought when it comes to designing a website as a need for companies. The task including taking photograph, designing mock-ups, tailoring content take center stage as there are 100s of things which need to be done for a website to come alive. Yet it is seen that laying the groundwork in search engine optimization which will help websites perform better in searches will pay dividends long

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How Visual web development can invariably change web design

Web design has seen a big boom since its inception somewhere in the mid 1990’s when Javascript hit the screens it became easier to build more dynamic and attractive websites. Then with the advent of Content Management Systems, it became easier for those who don’t have a background in coding to build and maintain a comprehensive system. Fast forward to 2017 and responsive web design has become the norm now,

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Keyword Ranking are Meaningless: Learn how to Grade Your SEO

Like many business owners and experts you enter the search term which is relevant to your company to check if you are visible on SERPs. And when you receive reports of the website traffic, you concentrate on organic visitors and the ranking you have achieved for each of the targeted keywords. When you are spending good money on SEO it is important to worry about your keyword rankings. You are

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3 Web Design Mistakes that Lead to Lost Revenue

You have started your business with a thought frame behind it and developed a website and now you’re waiting for it to hit big time. But are you seeing the results or has business been slower than expected? Well if it is the latter then you must have missed something in the advertising and marketing of your business in the digital spectrum. It is easy to get caught up in

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SEO Strategies and the 5 Trends to Consider

There is no doubt that SEO is important for healthy website growth. Despite lackluster starts over a decade ago and being one of the most underestimated terms in marketing, SEO has grown to make business leaders of early startup through growth and are leading actors among their industries. SEO trends tend to be a fad among SEO marketers which need to be abreast with new techniques and technologies from the

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10 things to know to creating Responsive Web Layouts

Web design has evolved much with time. During this time standards and quality practice are come into play that help you design better websites now and for the long term. Here are 10 things you need to know to make website responsive: Start with a Grid: when designing a layout, using grid layouts which are fluid is of the greatest importance. If you use them properly, they will proportionately scale

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5 Advantages of Blogging for Business

As customers turn to technology for home improvement tips, you as a retailer can provide them invaluable advice before them even entering your store. One easy way of doing this is by maintaining a blog. Blogging is a great way of creating and maintaining a web presence, building up an expertise and to accomplish and draw customers to your operation to accomplish their DIY goals. Creating and posting on blogging

How to cut costs when switching website platforms

There are some situations which lead to the growing misfortune of small business owners. That situation is the more scrupulous web designer to change platform when they don’t really need to. This is when the business owner is convinced that they require a whole new website when all they require is a website redesign or a search engine optimization. So they replace the entire website and the entire underlying platform