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Web Design Trends as we see it in 2018

One of the greatest facets of web design include seeing how it evolves with each day, making it easy for smaller companies to adopt strategies which will give them a competitive edge over their larger counterparts. However, there is a large amount of energy required and also time, which is only fair if you want to overshadow another larger counterpart with greater assets and better-established business infrastructure. It also means

SEO Tools: The Complete List

If you are looking for good SEO Tools then this list will be a definitive yes for you. The author has created a number of lists which can be used in day to day functioning as an SEO expert. Check out the list: AuthoritySpy AuthoritySpy is a software which finds the influencers in your niche or market area. It discovers the movers and shakers by searching websites such as AllTop,

Simple and Free SEO Tools to Instantly Improve Your Marketing

Think about digital marketing and how you could work smarter and faster for SEO. We thought about this question and we came up with a big sampling of free SEO tools on the market – tools which have a wide variety of uses and covering a number of common needs. These tools are mostly up to date and are free to use and hopefully you can use them in your

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Google Data Viz is so Much About itself, Can’t Look Away

Make a data viz about a data viz. Designer Anna Vital’s interactive graphic, called the Visualization Universe, uses 10000 data points to show how things have varied in the last 12 months, based on how many people have searched for the graphics on Google. Among others it is an intriguing way to look how the 2016 election worked out to be. It was seen that during the months leading up

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5 SEO Trends for the Year 2018

After more than a decade of continuous change and regular update by Google’s Algorithm, SEO has turned into a complex science that cannot be taken lightly anymore. Today its not the lack of knowledge but the changes which are brought in frequently which make SEO a tough game. If today you want to remain valid in the eyes of the audience and stay away from the wrath of Google, you

Fonts – the Importance of Typography in Web Design

Typography accounts for 90% of web design. The main reason people visit the website is to read the font, whether it be to read text information about companies or anything else. The words on your website matters, so also does the way in which you present these words hold equal importance. Each website must convey the intent and emotion of the business in the digital world and the best way

Websites Providing Free Website Templates

There are many websites which help in the development process, by providing advice and certain features which will help you in the progress of your website, like free website templates. Templates provide the basic overview of the website and the structure required to add code inside the website template. Here are some website which provide website templates for free: Free CSS.com Our website features thousands of templates from developers throughout

Amazing Free Stock Video Websites for use in your Project

We all have had employees who work with videos to create a piece of motion graphics to be used by the company. But the problem is that the videos available online are like garbage and cannot be used for any purpose other than creating funny videos to view with your friends. For this purpose we have created a list of some amazing websites with stock videos, and the best part

7 Amazing Websites That Provide Free HD Stock Images

Photography is an integral part of what we call design. But with so many crappy photos available on the net of two business people shaking hands, not only do we find such stock images crappy but they cost a lot of money. To make up for this image crunch, there are a lot of websites which are popping up which provide free stock images for everyone to use. In this

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Top 6 Tactics to Manage CMS website Content

In case you are a medium-sized company then a CMS website system will be useful for you. It gives you a chance at developing a fantastic website with very little innovation and coding. With this framework, a company can deal with content very effectively. Purpose of embracing CMS web Design Any new company owner or proprietor is restricted to resources and needs to discover some answer to create the business.