Get White Label Reseller Hosting

Where to Get White-Labeled Reseller Hosting?

If you are a web designer or developer looking to offer additional services to your clients or want to start a brand-new business, reseller hosting or windows reseller hosting from MilesWeb can be an ideal option for you. Reseller hosting lets you start your own web hosting business, and with your brand name. So, you are all set to become the owner of the company.

But you might have a question in your mind, will my business stand be able to keep up with the market? Because most small business web hostingis opting for the online platform. After developing the website, the next step is to choose a web hosting service to make the website accessible to users online.

There are numerous web hosting providers in the industry, and if your web hosting service is reliable and affordable, it will certainly add value to your business. You can start your web hosting business with your brand name if the web hosting provider you choose offers white-labeled reseller hosting. Let’s now understand what reseller hosting is and about the MilesWeb’s white label reseller hosting.

Who Can Opt for White-Labeled Reseller Hosting?

By choosing white-labeled reseller hosting, anyone can start their own web hosting company. As mentioned above, if you are web developer/designer planning to start web hosting business, white-labeled reseller hosting can be the best option for you.

Any individual interested in purchasing reseller hosting can choose white-labeled hosting. With this, you don’t have to worry about the technical requirements and server management. Because the hosting provider takes care of all the server maintenance and management tasks.

Advantages of Getting White-Labeled Reseller Hosting

A wide range of services: When you add hosting services to your existing business, you can give your clients everything that their website needs in one place. This means it’s a one-stop solution. You also save time; money and the efforts required to find and purchase the hosting services from another web hosting company.

Sell Under Your Own Brand Name

White-labeled reseller hosting lets you sell the hosting services under your own brand name. The complete white-labeled system limits the visibility of your merchant company from your clients so that you get to sell the services/products under your own brand tag.

Run Business from Anywhere

With white-labeled reseller hosting, you can run the business from anywhere. As you don’t have to worry anything about the technical side of maintaining or purchasing the entire server. All you need to do is, purchase a reseller hosting plan, and you can get started with your business.

Which Company Offers White-Labeled Reseller Hosting?

MilesWeb is a reputable web hosting provider in the industry established in 2012.

They are highly popular for offering industry-leading and budget-friendly web hosting solutions to customers in different time frames. The company’s goal is to establish and boost the online presence of businesses. MilesWeb also offers 100% white-labeled reseller hosting package at affordable prices.

Here is in brief including the features and pricing of their white-label reseller hosting package.

Features to Count on In MilesWeb’s White Labeled Reseller Hosting Package:

SSD Storage Drives for Faster Performance

The speed of your website has a great impact on your business. And for this SSD drives play a crucial role. MilesWeb offers 100% SSD servers that are more highly powerful than HDD drives. Now store your websites on SSD drives are maximize their performance.

Control Panel cPanel

You can now buy reliable control panels that let you manage your domains, websites, FTP accounts and other web projects easily. With this, the reseller gets the freedom to monitor bandwidth, disk space, and also can modify the unlimited number of domains.

Website Migration

You can migrate all your website data to MilesWeb’s server. And this is done at zero cost. The company has an expert team who will migrate all your website files, emails, and databases in no time. You can connect with their team and ask to migrate all your website data.

Website Building Tool

MilesWeb makes your website development task easy. They offer a website builder tool, called Softaculous. With this, resellers through which clients can create website without having any coding expertise. You just need to drag and drop the content and images, and get ready to publish your website online.

Get Customer Support 24/7

If you and your clients have issues related to your website, you can reach out to MilesWeb’s technical team. They are available 24×7 via email and live chat. Their team is very friendly, knowledgeable, and ready to resolve your issue.

How Can I Begin White-Labeled Business with MilesWeb?

In white-labeled hosting, resellers purchase web hosting packages in bulk from MilesWeb. Then, these resellers offer web hosting services to their clients and act as a web hosting company with their own brand tag. MilesWeb offers 100% white-labeled reseller hosting services with all the top-notch features to run a profitable business. Begin with MilesWeb’s white-labeled reseller hosting today!

Additional Services Provided by MilesWeb:

Premium Site Scanner (Rs.200/Month)

Get these additional features to Protect your website from hackers. If your website has been hacked or damaged it will give a notification for it. in addition, it will clean up tool and removes all malware.

Domain SSL (Rs.700 Annually)

Get a Domain SSL certificate that secures your website and the feature will help the website to increase more visitorsand conversions.

Google Workspace (Rs.1500 Annually)

Customize your Google workspace and get professional and secure Gmail for your domain and also Google Drive cloud storage, Calendar, and more Starting from Rs1500 per year