Tactics to Accelerate Your Career as an HGV Driver

In September 2021, it was announced in the UK that there is anacute shortage of lorry drivers. Part of the reasons for this situation was the Covid-19 pandemic and the Brexit Deal. This shortage had severely affected major industries and has had devastating effects on the supply chain. Lorry drivers are up for grabs, and you get paid really well. This is an opportune moment for anyone to enter the professional landscape of HGV Driving. If you are already a lorry driver and have decided to shake things up and accelerate your career as an HGV driver, you have come to the right place. This article puts together some practical ways to get instant and potent results.

Pick Reputed Companies to Work for

This takes the top place for a variety of reasons. There are some companies that pay really well, while there are others that may pay a little less initially but offer great career growth and learning opportunities. Good companies recognize your work and efforts and reward you accordingly. You will get ample chances to enhance your skills by getting additional in-service training. Picking the wrong company will make you feel stuck and hate your job as a lorry driver.

Fulfil Training Requirements

Though it is not mandatory to get the proper training to become a lorry driver,HGV training in the UK has several benefits. But Driver CPC training is as crucial as it is mandatory. A 35 hours periodic certificate of professional competence or CPC training is necessary once in 5 years to be able to professionally drive a lorry, bus or coach. If you fail to complete your driver’s CPC, you may lose your license and be heavily fined. 

Maintain a Positive Attitude

There are going to be days when things do not go your way. Things will go wrong, and you might face a lot of difficulties. At that time, recall the reasons why you chose this career and focus on being positive. You do not want a few bad days to affect the rest of your career. Do proper exercise and stay in touch with your family and friends to maintain a positive attitude. Find ways to occupy yourself on those long-distance drives without distracting you.

Level Up Your Driver’s License  

Take up more responsibilities at work and drive larger vehicles. For this, you need to upgrade your driver’s license to give you more options. There aredifferent categories of driver’s license, each qualifying you for different classes and weights of vehicles. If you already possess clearance for driving the desired class of HGV, check for any information codes that may limit your driving.


Focus on what you prefer to do. Would you rather drive all across Europe or prefer local distances? While travelling across Europe may sound exciting, it is not suited for everyone. Though, travelling through congested cities needs a deft hand. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Focus on your driving skills, interests and the reason for entering this profession and decide what kind of distance you want to cover. Some skills such as HIAB qualification can increase your employability, or ADR training allows transporting dangerous goods.

Do Not Ignore Your Health and Safety

Employers need their drivers to be healthy and safe, but rarely can they ensure it. When you are on the road, you need to take proper care of your health and safety. If you are not at the top of your health, it may severely affect your career, and you may lose better opportunities. Do not ignore your health and safety for the thrill of the road. Take your medications on time, get regular health check-ups and maintain a healthy diet with plenty of exercises. If possible, get a first aid course to show your employer how serious you are about your health. It may even help you along the road someday.

Have High Ambitions for Yourself

Do not ever get lazy or comfortable with your career. Do not imagine driving along the same route for the rest of your life. Have proper goals, even if they are about visiting new places. Focus on being the best at what you do. Getting too comfortable and lazy with your career will stop you from growing, and your career will become stagnant. And a stagnant career is as good as a dead career.  

These points will also help you maintain the spark in your career and gain valuable experience. You can apply for various positions in the logistics sector and become an invaluable member with unlimited potential for any employer.