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3 Reason SEO is Valuable to Your Company

Need to explain the importance of SEO to your clients, business partners or stakeholders? This post prescribes how SEO is valuable in 3 different areas when it comes to any organization. SEO Improves User Experience Being a successful SEO professional means knowing more than anyone else. People who work in the industry are constantly changing their knowledge set as Google rolls out new changes in its algorithm on a daily

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Tips on How to Get Your B2B Website Done on Time

At the start of the project time is allocated equally for all tasks such as QA, design, copywriting and development. However, for a variety of reasons, B2B websites often don’t launch on the predetermined date. Here are 5 reasons why they don’t launch on time: Not Providing timely Feedback This is a big one and one of the common reasons why websites don’t launch at the right time. Often many

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How to Design Your Ideal Website

The nature of web design has changed dramatically over the last several years. Before, we used to think that websites are only reserved for professionals and established companies. Only those with a background in computer science can design a website, and only companies could afford to host anything more than just a blog. But that is not the case anymore, web design has become far simpler and more accessible, and

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SEO Won’t Die, Even Though Most Techies Say It will

Rumors of SEO’s death is greatly over exaggerated. Assessing the relevance of search engine optimization comes up more than often. Want to know why? Just Google “SEO is Dead” and you will see so many predictions made by different techies which are completely wrong. What these techies are trying to say that the principle which is underneath the foundation of SEO about how user search for, and retrieve, relevant information

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Tips on How to Become a Good Web Developer

While the field of web development is as old as the internet, with the advent of new customers and a large number of Indians going online today, it makes it an exciting place to work. Companies such as Swiggy understand that developing a web app is as important as developing a mobile website and they are not alone in this. The author spoke to a number of professionals in the

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Five Reasons why entrepreneurs should invest in SEO

Entrepreneurs who are new to the online marketing strategies may have read somewhere that SEO is dead. While many people believe that this is true, it is important to read articles such as those written by Trond Lyngbo of Search Engine Land on why entrepreneurs should be optimistic about their investment in SEO. Contrary to popular belief the rumor that SEO is dead is just a rumor. According to Lyngbo,

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Web Design Trends Currently in Use in 2017

Web design is constantly developing and new trends come up now and then. As summer 2017 comes, new trends in web design emerge offering a different viewpoint on how websites should look and how elements are presented for visual purposes and the enjoyment of users. From the dominance of minimalistic design in the early months, comes a more fancy and elaborate style of designing that adds excitement not only to

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8 things to Consider Before Investing in SEO

SEO can be overwhelming to start with, build links and monitor the title tags along with optimizing your page speed scores- where do you begin? Over the years, I have tried ranking on various search terms and have brought companies to rank on the first page worldwide for search terms, mostly because it brings a majority of the leads and fuels company growth. Search engine optimization is certainly a high-value

3 Guidelines for Exceptional Web Design

When designing or re-designing a website it can be easy to get focused on the per—nicekety of the aesthetics. However, if you are trying to create a fully functional website which attracts visitors there is need to focus on more than just how it looks. When users have more than a billion websites to be chosen from, it is important to know that your website will be the one which

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5 SEO Fundamentals that don’t change with Algorithm Updates

How often do you hear Search optimizers talk about Google’s Algorithm updates? How many times have you read an article saying that Google has adopted a new algorithm and how you need to change the campaigns to be relevant? Frequently it has been said that Google and SEO world are changing, and that is right to most reasons. Google’s major update history is ripe with many new updates, usually rolling