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Cyberrafting Inc animation is an animation video production company from Mumbai, Inida. Our animated explainer videos unlock your ideas. We explain your app, product, service, brand or business effectively. We have worked with many startups, small businesses, large companies and multi-national corporations. This includes Indian and international companies.

We are consulting-centered interactive studio engineered to transform concepts into moving images and more. We are focused on innovating new concepts and amalgamating it with technology that can impact customers.

Types of Corporate Videos

  • Promotional Film (Story/ documentary/ montage with music and narrator)
  • Presentation for teaching purposes (Learning Modules)
  • Product demonstration (for information or teaching, for internal use or sales)
  • Film which focuses on a particular issue (for example, health and safety)
  • Film which documents a company event (such as a product launch, training day, CEO speech)
  • An advertisement for a particular product or for the company (for TV or for the rapidly expanding market of web, TV)

How it Works

Cyberrafting is one of the leading animation studio in India offering competence in high-quality 3D Animation, 2D Animation as well as Stereoscopic 3D Conversion of content. We today have demonstrated the capability to conceptualize and produce complex film length animated films. Apart from a focus on the high-end animation outsourcing, Cyberrafting is now also focused on the development of Intedependent content.

Why us?

Passionate and driven by experience, a creative zeal that would surpass all boundaries of making things possible forms the motto of the creative and technical team that stands strong to face new challenges. We started off with creating highly distinctive work in various facets of Animation and VFX. With the basic aim of creating innovative modules finely blended with the years of experience we have experimented and successfully worked on challenging projects resulting in products that are visually captivating.


Why Animate with us?

Brands, it is nothing like lesser known or famous brand. Talking about branding itself means one is talking about taking their products or services to a newer height. It is somewhere rightly said that Brands need to associate with customers. We help you reach the masses and introduce yourself to them. People need good graphics design and advertisement videos to promote their brand, their products, or their services. Our logic is that brands need to convey ideas to their customers that provide distinct creative ideas, irrespective of the platform or media.

3D, VFX And Motion Graphics

We are so addicted to make videos from scratch. If you need a video that explains your business or personal profile we can make one with motion graphics, and if you like to use some toppings of VFX, that is possible. We can provide 3D animated videos for your project explaining you’re dealing with proper planning. We can help your imagination and our professional through our teaks to give it a vision and eventually reality as Cyberrafting is where it meets.

Let's get you mobile, tablet and desktop ready

Responsive website design is going to transform your website, put you ahead of competitors and future proof your website against ever changing device sizes. We are experts in responsive design and will explain everything step by step.



We would love you to pop in and tell us more or if you prefer have a telephone chat about your project requirements.

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