What is snap score and how to increase it?

Snapchat has become a widespread way of communication in today’s world. Not only can you send pictures, but you can also send messages and stay connected with your friends or family members.

Exchanging pictures and videos on Snapchat might be entertaining to connect with friends, but did you know that you can rack up a significant Snapchat score in the process.

What exactly is a snap score?

Your snap score is the number that is logged by your username, which shows on your profile.

If you click on your score, 2 numbers appear, which provide more further information.

The first number shows how many snaps you have sent, and the second number is how many snaps you have received.

Maths marvels will understand that these two numbers combined together don’t add up to your full snap score, and the app has proved that other factors can help boost the total.

The highest user was in the year 2018 was maintaining about 17,000 to 30,000 points per day.

Factors for snap score

Snapchat essentially counts the number of snaps you have sent and received to determine the score. It observes your usage – the more you stay active, the more the score.

Your activity could be the trophies, stories, number of friends, or usage of other available features of the app.

Advantages of snap score

There’s nothing surprising to gain when your Snapchat score increases. It is a fun part of using a multimedia messaging application.

How to increase my snap score?

Snapchat has stated that your number will rise depending on the following factors:

  • Number of snaps you send
  • Number of snaps you get
  • Stories you post
  • Other factors 

The good thing is that you get a point if you add a Snap to your story.

But you won’t get extra points if you just watch someone’s story.

You can also gain a point for sending or receiving a Snap, but nothing extra for sending a message.

What does the Snapchat score do?

Barely any other social media site utilizes a scoring system to “rank” their users.

It isn’t explicit what the benefits of a high score can be, but you can unlock trophies in the app based on your total.

Trophies are provided when a Snapchat user earns achievements on the app, and they appear in the form of emojis.

This can be from gaining a certain score, using distinct filters, sending creative snaps, or having your story posted on Live Story.

How do you check the Snapchat score of another user?

You can check the Snapchat score of only your friends who have added you back. For that, you need to just go on to the “Search” bar and then search for a friend. You can observe his/her snap score on the right side of the username.

Now that you know how the snap score works, you can avoid online services or websites that assure you help to increase your Snapchat score.

So, have fun using Snapchat as you would, and your score shall definitely increase!

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