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Website for Absolutely Free: The Ultimate Guide

A website is helpful for various reasons, including Recognition, and it provides credibility to your business. It can be a cost-effective way to market your business and reach customers compared to traditional forms of advertising.

A website is a great way to establish and promote your brand. A website can help you get more customers, increase sales, and improve your overall business performance.

Here are the things you’ll need to create a website:

1. Domain Name

Your domain name is the address of your website, such as A domain name can be purchased from a registrar such as GoDaddy or Namecheap.

Get Domain for Free

Top level domains like .com and .in are usually not free, but you can them at dirt cheap rate during offers. However you can get domain name for absolutely from from They offer domain like .tk which are not very much mainstream but it will give you a easy start.

2. Hosting

Hosting services allow your website to be accessed on the internet. There are several web hosting providers, including Bluehost and HostGator.

Get Hosting for Free

Services such as 000Webhost, x10hosting, and InfinityFree offer free web hosting with a subdomain ( and limited storage and bandwidth.

If you want to go for more reliable solutions then With Amazon Web Services (AWS) Free Tier, new customers receive a year of free access to a set of services from AWS.

For example, the free tier of Amazon EC2 provides new customers with 750 hours of Amazon EC2 Linux t2.micro instance usage per month, while the free tier of Amazon S3 provides new customers with 5 GB of standard storage, 20,000 Get Requests, and 2,000 Put Requests per month.

3. Content Management System

Content Management Systems (CMS) or website builders enable you to create and manage your website’s content. Many options are available, including WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Joomla, and Shopify.

Get Free CMS

Most of the content management systems are free and WordPress is one of the them. If you can dedicate your time to learn a programming language then you can develop a content management system of your own.

CMS are Wix and Shopify have a freemium model, you can get some features for free and more advance feature will come at a cost.

4. Theme or Template

A website’s design and layout include its color scheme, fonts, and images. The design can be created from scratch or use pre-designed templates.

Get Theme for Free

CMS like WordPress have tons of free themes which you can download and use however you like. If you wish a non-CMS based design then w3layouts is a very nice options.

If you are ready to shell more bucks then you can get lots of premium themes and templates from

5. Content

A website’s content comprises text, images, videos, and other media. You or a professional writer or designer can create this.

Get Content for Free

Content can be divided into three different categories. ChatGPT is a great tool to get text content for free.

You can use free stock images websites to get images and vides for free.


Making a website is no longer a expensive affair. You can work on your idea with zero dollar and upgrade in future once you scale you website and business.