Top 5 Free Photoshop Alternatives You should Try

Photoshop is one of the most used graphic design software. 

One of the downsides is that Photoshop demands a certain amount of subscription fee from its users. Users have to pay an approximate amount of INR 1500 per month to avail the features of Photoshop. Therefore, this article is for people looking for Photoshop alternatives, which is free to use. 

Top 6 free photoshop alternatives


GIMP is one of the oldest photoshop alternatives, announced to the public in 1995. 

GIMP is one of the most potent graphic designer systems that support many complex designs. Even though it’s free to use, it offers a touch of professionalism with its wide range of features. 

Some of the professional features that GIMP offers is colour adjustment tools, gradients, brushes, and image enhancement features. This makes it easy for the users to edit an image. 


Just like GIMP, Inkscape is a free and open-source video and image editor software. This tool is the best for creating icons and logos for your application, company, or website. Besides this, Inkscape is also advised for cartoon illustrations. Even though Inkscape is free, the User Interface of this site looks advanced. Some of its many features include intelligent drawing tools, add-ons, multilingual support, and a feature to import and export a wide range of file types. This makes it perfectly suitable for beginners. 


Pixia is a graphics editor and a painting program software that is entirely free to use. This software is suitable for digital painting. 

Pixia offers a simple user interface that gives its users an easily understandable digital painting environment and other art types. Unlike many other graphic editors and tools, Pixia has removed most of the unnecessary features. This results in an easily scalable, easily understandable, and high-speed rendering art environment. 


exPhoto is another video editing and graphic design tool created by the same developer who created Pixia. As mentioned above, exPhoto is mainly focused on developing visual content and also targets photo editing. One of the developer’s intentions who made both exPhoto and Pixia is that the user can choose which to use, depending on the requirement. 

If you intend to do some digital painting, then Pixia is the best way to do that. If you are looking to edit an old photo or a series of old photographs, exPhoto is a perfect choice. 


Pixlr comes in two different versions. One is Pixlr Express, which is the best way to look for simple photo edits, and other quick fixes. Pixlr Editor is another choice, which is usually used for heavy or power editing. This includes a range of different features which aren’t found in Pixlr Express. Both are free and open source. These are browser-based web apps. Therefore, you don’t need to download and install it. 

Pixlr comes with a simple User Interface too, which makes it very user friendly for beginners. Users can navigate to different options and features without any difficulties. 


Krita is free software that artists designed with the primary goal of making art tools and editing tools affordable and available to everyone. This is an open-source digital painting platform with a painting studio, which provides a wide range of features and tools. Krita is suitable for both beginners z and advanced artists. This is the recommended software for people to sketch something from scratch. 

Therefore, it is essential to note that Krita is not recommended for users who want to brush up on an old picture or edit an existing photo. 

Besides this, Krita also offers an option to open PSD files. 

One of the cons of Krita is that the User Interface is a bit complex to understand and takes a bit of practice to understand.