How to Recreate Articles from Published Articles – Legal ways of Spinning Articles

If you have to produce articles daily, you might know how difficult it could become to manage everything. Many people struggle hard and compromise on their sleep to write articles to deliver them on time. After all, earning money is not as easy as it seems. But, here we are talking about how you can save time and recreate articles from published ones. Yes! That’s easy and legal because article rewriter tools have joined the game. 

Article Rewriters are AI-Powered tools that help users to recreate 100% unique articles from already published articles. All you need to do is copy and paste, and the spinner will handle the rest. Well, we have only told you briefly. The bigger picture is present below. Scroll down and read on to know the legal ways of spinning articles in a go!  

Article Rewriter Tools: Best Ways of Spinning Articles

So, now that you know a little bit about article rewriter tools, you might be wondering if this is the ideal way to spin content. The days of manually recreating articles from previously published ones are long gone.

But, as we are talking in the context of saving time, you should know that manual rewriting can be time-consuming. So, we will not include that way in this list. Life is turning to automation, and paraphrasing online tools is the best option. Let’s learn how they work!


This article rewriter tool offers fantastic features of rewriting articles without any hassles. is an old and robust tool that provides a complete set of options to make you satisfied in the context of article rewriting. It has a clean and user-friendly user interface. This online article rewriter comes up for simplicity. It can work for the consistent paraphrasing tool you’ll never come across. There is no need to put effort into getting yourself registered. Also, you don’t need to pay for anything. Just drop any content and hit the Paraphrase button. 

  • SpinBot

It is also one of the most reputable and flourishing tools – currently serving millions of users worldwide. Even students love to use this tool as it keeps the text of good quality. It is an AI-Powered article rewriter tool, containing multifunctional techniques that help you a lot. This sentence rephraser by Spinbot is also 100% cost-free that doesn’t ask for registration. Spinbot is a reliable place you can trust. The tool gets developed for ultimate performance and includes myriads of well-matched words. The best thing is it keeps the content context the same. It lets you spin quality, engaging content in minutes.

  • Paraphrase Tool by SmallSEOTools

Article rewriter tool wants you to drop your text with the correctly formatted structure to produce the result. To generate formatted text, you will usually want another medium. But this paraphrasing tool does not need that. Alternatively, it does all that you think for, from getting in the meaning of every slogan to building textual content – that is as simple and essential as the text you formally entered.

This free article rewriter tool can be an indispensable tool for everyone – who wishes to market their site online fast. With the help of this tool, you can quickly produce all the freakish, quality content you will always want for building reliable visibility.

Tips to Spinning Articles: Things to Know!

Now, you have grabbed the ways of spinning articles. It is time to learn the tips while utilizing them. Here we have mentioned some crucial tricks that will help you in coming up with quality content. Take a look! 

  1. Read the Last Draft Carefully

Here enters the part that is always the most crucial. Try to read again! Once your content comes out of the tool, you should read the material to know its meaning is the same. Try not to rush this process as it is something about the quality. You can also match the original material from your paraphrased content to determine its context as a reader.

  1. Split the Stretchy Paragraphs

One thing that can be a mess after running your content through an article rewriter tool: it can make some of your paragraphs stretchy. If you want to protect the quality of your content, you should take time to read the material twice and remove stretchy sentences.

  1. Proofread Properly

So, it is the last step you should follow no matter how busy you are! You have to use online grammar checkers to evaluate content’s flaws. Grammar errors and hard-to-read sentences can set a wrong impression on the readers. So, don’t pass the content off if you haven’t proofread it carefully. 

  1. Always cite the original source!

The legal way to paraphrase content is by simply adding citations and proper attributions to the original source from where you have picked the idea or information. It doesn’t matter whether you are paraphrasing manually or are using an online spinner tool as long as you are using citations!

End Words

After reading the entire content, you might be curious to recreate already published articles. But, before, we want to suggest you pick a reliable article rewriter tool for this purpose and follow the tips so you won’t face any hurdles.