Things You Need to Have in Place Before Your Next Workshop or Seminar

As you know by now, eBooks are excellent ways of imparting the information you have to share, as are videos–which take things to the next level. However, in the same way that people who buy and stream music or watch an artist’svideos on YouTube still want to see them live,you are likely to find that if you set up some live seminars or workshops for a face-to-face experience, they would sell out pretty quickly.

You don’t want to disappoint your audience, though, as they have come for the type of experience they won’t get watching you on their phone on the bus – so you need to go the extra mile to ensure you leave a lasting impression. This will entail having some key things in place that will enhance the experience of the attendee andincrease the effectiveness of what you have to tell them.

Pick the right venue

It doesn’t matter how charismatic you are, you’ll have trouble getting your message over convincingly in some small community hall with everyone sat on the same plastic chairs that they sit on for Bingo. You’ll need to pick the venue carefully and go for somewhere that will give a good first impression and stick in the memory for all of the right reasons.

It doesn’t mean going all out for luxury at a high-end venue, but it does mean going for somewhere with some character, especially if you have decided to only speak to a smaller number of people. This could mean hiring out a guest house or hotel that has some age to it or is architecturally interesting.

Make sure you are heard

Regardless of where you choose, they have come to hear you speak, so you need to make sure they can. You are probably not a classically trained actor who can annunciate to the back of the hall, and you certainly don’t want to stand there shouting. Ideally, you want to wander around the stage talking normally, relaxed, and getting your point across.

The venue might not have its own PA system, and if it does, it’s not likely to be the best. So, to get around thisyou should find a microphone and link it up to some top-of-the-range powered speakersto ensure you have the same reliable setup wherever you go. This also saves on time spent sound checking different apparatus and more time meeting and greeting your attendees.

Have an exclusive offer

If your attendees are impressed by what you have to say, they might want to buy more of your products as well, so you need to put together an exclusive offer they can only get today at the seminar or workshop. This might involve a bundle of products, a massive discount on your current range, or anintroductory offer for something new. This will not only give them some extra to remember the event, but it also helps to pay for the expenses you incurred setting all of this up.