Things you can buy with bitcoins in 2022

What are the major bitcoins

Bitcoin is a type of digital currency that is developed and deposited electronically on a computer. Bitcoins are not paper currency, such as dollars, euros, or yen, regulated by central banks or monetary authorities. Bitcoin is the first example of a cryptocurrency that is created by people and companies around the world using sophisticated computer software that solves mathematical problems.

So, lets talk about the major bitcoins that are majorly used for exchange.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, a decentralized currency or a digital currency, is a form of money that is fully virtual. It’s sort of like an online equivalent of cash. You may use it to purchase goods and services, but not every shop accepts Bitcoin, and some of the countries have banned it entirely.

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is open-source software that uses blockchain technologies to produce and run decentralized digital applications. It allows consumers to make deals and perform transactions directly to purchase, sell, and exchange goods and services without a mediator.

Litecoin (LTC)

Litecoin (LTC) is a virtual currency, and even more. It is peer-to-peer, which means that any central authority does not regulate it; the money actually transfers freely between peers on the Internet. It serves to pay individuals somewhere in the world without the broker having to process the transaction. Payments are rapid and relatively inexpensive to be produced.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a cryptocurrency that aims to provide an alternative to the oldest and most commonly traded cryptocurrency throughout the world, Bitcoin. Launching in 2017, Bitcoin Cash was developed by a community of Bitcoin users that disagreed with the Plan suggested by the key developer group of the project, Bitcoin Core, and felt that different technical decisions were required to introduce Bitcoin to a global audience.

Dash (DASH)

Dash, like Bitcoin, is a digital currency that can be used to send or receive payments. In reality, Dash was designed on top of the blockchain technologies that Bitcoin uses, but some major changes have been made. Dash has gained attention because it provides greater privacy and quicker transaction rates than Bitcoin. This can be done with the aid of a special model that includes the Masternodes.

Travel and Tourism


CheapAir boasts cheaper flights, hotels, and car bookings. Take advantage of filters, decent rates, and digital currency payments while visiting this platform. You don’t need a credit card to book; just use your bitcoin information, and you’re ready for your next trip.

Surf Air

Surf Air runs a bit differently from other airline websites. Surf Air is the first private air travel club of its kind, offering all-you-can-fly service at one monthly charge. Instead of booking a single flight on this platform, sign up for a membership, pay a monthly fee, and book as many flights as you want from month to month! It’s one of the rising private airlines that welcome bitcoin payments. If you are a regular traveler of some kind, whether for business or personal enjoyment, this place is for you.


The currency of choice for Destinia is MBTC or Bitcoin! The travel site has an app that is also available on Google Play. There are no limits on using Bitcoins for Destinia. Travelers will check for planes, hotels, vehicles, trains, skis, airport lounges, buses in Latin America, and airport transfers. The possibilities are infinite. The site also helps you to join budget criteria and schedule complete thematic trips.

Food and Drinks


Everybody is quite aware of Starbucks, known as one of the fancy brands for food materials and quite high class. So, when a company is Worldwide and represents itself in almost every country, they know the diverse structure of money. We know that Bitcoin is the same for everyone, so Starbucks has been that company that has no problem in accepting Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency.

Burger King

This is another one of the biggest burger selling companies in the world. Just like Starbucks, they also have branches in almost every country in the world. So they are also quite aware of the different aspects of money, so Burger King also accepts Bitcoin and all the other modes of cryptocurrency.

Whole food

Whole food is an American company that is basically famous for its supermarkets, it also has so many branches worldwide, so if you want to buy the items from them by giving Bitcoin, they will not say no to that. Whole food’s parent branch is Amazon, so it’s clear from the name that they can easily accept bitcoins.

Gaming and Entertainment


The tech giant of the west is quite renowned for their tech works worldwide; they are not that much renowned for gaming, but yes, they have sponsored a lot of games and accessories. At least, for now, they are equally present in gaming and tech. Microsoft is one of the biggest companies, so they don’t have any problem is accepting cryptocurrency.


It is a Chinese company that owns tons of games. For example, Tencent games are the partner of Pubg Mobile, COD mobile, and Cyber Hunter. These are the premium games of modern days. Tencent also has Tencent studios that produce movies of the Chinese region and Hollywood too, so they believe in paying or accepting Bitcoins.


It is a Korean company that owns some famous games such as Pubg PC, Pubg PC lite, and many others. They are also partners with Tencent. They have a total earning of billions of dollars, so after collaborating with Tencent, they started accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Web Hosting & Domain


Name cheap is a web hosting site that helps you speed your content and articles over the large crowd. They are one of those sites with one of the lowest hosting features and one of the highest hosting, so don’t get confused by the name. It doesn’t matter if they have been named cheap, but they still accept Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

Glow host

It is known as one of the reliable web hosting sites in comparison to it’s rivals, the main reason of its efficiency is that it is user friendly, available on a good price, good Features, services are good, so it is quite understandable that they are so very keen towards their consumers so that they can get a good amount of profit that’s why they accept Bitcoins for providing the services from some of the clients.

Might web

Might web is also one of the biggest names in terms of providing web hosting, and they have been at the top just because they have provided everything necessary and user friendly, at least till now. So they are also one of a kind like Glow host, which has good features, and at the same time, they are also aware that they can change their mode of payment to cryptocurrency.

Clothes and Apparel


Adidas is one of the biggest clothing and sports kit providers in the world. This company belongs to Japan. It has been in the market for a while now, so they have seen the highs and lows in prices, so they started accepting Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies to grow their business in the past decade.


It is one of the biggest sportswear brands which indorsees with so many stars of modern games. It is making its name bigger and bigger every year; they have changed their business strategies a few years back, which helped them represent themselves in sports worldwide. So now they use all kinds of currencies like Bitcoin too.


This is an American brand of clothes that makes fashion items; it has branches worldwide, making them versatile in their business in so many different ways. When it comes to business, Balenciaga is always stuck to their plans, so they accept bitcoins. It’s been a while now.

Sports Event Tickets

Tickets of UEFA Europa league

In many situations, when a team is playing well, their managers and owners try to buy all the tickets away for that particular team, which has happened in some of the matches in the UEFA champions league. From this, it is quite understandable that some organizations use Bitcoin to buy tickets for the Event.

Musical event’s

Nowadays everybody is so fascinated about watching singers and musicians on stage, especially live. Often, it has been seen that people buy the tickets of the event by spending Bitcoin, and organizers are ready to take any mode of payment. Still, it hasn’t been revealed completely by any of the organizers of any event till now.

Computer and Softwares


Microsoft is one of the biggest retailers of computers and software accessories. As I have mentioned earlier in the gaming and entertainment column, when a company owns too many big things with itself, it is highly required for companies like Microsoft to use Bitcoin to earn a good amount of profit.


Amazon is also one of the finest tech giants in the middle and some big names such as Facebook, Google, and Microsoft. Amazon also owns some unique stuff such as Amazon Alexa, Amazon fire stick, which is quite new-age technology. So, along with its new aged technology, it accepts bitcoins and other cryptocurrency methods.


Another big name in the whole world is that everybody is aware of Google. They own the biggest search engine in the world and have partnerships with some big names. Still, in some recent years, Google started building its own hardware-software stuff to give their business new dimensions, so Google accepts Bitcoins without a doubt.



There are all kinds of probabilities and possibilities. Still, they are so few chances for any company to reveal their identity as they would say they accept Bitcoins for funerals. So till now, no company mentioned that they accept Bitcoins for funerals.


As it is quite understandable from the name that any arms company will never reveal its identity about accepting money. But yeah, in the black market, anything can be possible, many cases happened in the past, but respective always declined the fact that it was their material. So it is like it could or may not be.