5 Best Books On Network Marketing to read in 2021

Network marketing is not just MLM or just some pyramid scheme.

It’s a long-term business build within a network where people benefit from each other. Each individual member of the network contributes to the success of the network.

Network marketing is primarily a marketing tool used by manufacturers to increase their sales. Manufacturers need them because they have to work with a variety of dealers to sell their products. Often these distributors may have sub-distributors. As a result, this results in a network of distributors working at multiple stages of the distribution chain.

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An incentive or reward program can be implemented at each level to keep the people motivated. This is the core idea behind network marketing.

If you a network marketing and want to hone your skills? Are you hunting for the best network marketing books that will take you to the next level? These books will drive you away from the discouragement that people align themselves with network marketers when they have repeatedly failed?

Best 5 Network Marketing Books

Look no further; these 5 network marketing books will develop your networking skills and help you build your company. Most textbooks define network marketing as referral marketing or multi-level marketing (MLM), where we adopt the pyramid marketing approach.

The authors of these books themselves have made a great fortune using network marketing. Now through these books, they are spreading their knowledge so that everyone can benefit from them.

BooksAuthorBuy Online
Be a Network Marketing MillionaireDeepak BajajBuy On Amazon
Network Marketing: The Way of LifeJanusz SzajnaBuy On Amazon
Your First Year in Network MarketingMark YarnellBuy On Amazon
Achieve More, Succeed FasterDeepak BajajBuy On Amazon

Your success is your success and how to keep the network strong and to run is a constant learning process. Here is the list of top 5 Network Marketing books that will make you a Pro in the field of Network Marketing.

1. Be a Network Marketing Millionaire


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If you’re serious about living your perfect life, this book is for you. A realistic step-by-step roadmap for someone who wishes to be a low-investment millionaire and a zero-risk business prospect. It is written by a living legend in this industry-Deepak Bajaj, a multimillionaire himself. It has already created thousands of millionaires using the same concepts and strategies as those laid out in this novel.

About the Author

Deepak Bajaj is India’s #1 Network Marketing Authority, Entrepreneurial Strategist, Life Coach, Transformation Mentor, and Inspiring Speaker. He is currently the founder and CEO of network marketing firm MULTIPLIERS

Deepak, an MBA from the T.A.Pai Management Institute, Manipal. He was one of the youngest regional managers in the TVS Motor Company when he began network marketing in 2007. He quit his work and became a full-time entrepreneur. Now enjoys a mega luxurious lifestyle, a range of cars and houses has spent family vacations in 25 countries, and has developed a business empire that is growing every minute, even without its presence.

2. STEP BY STEP GUIDE FOR NETWORK MARKETING: “WHY, WHAT, HOW” – Construction Manual On Network Marketing


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This book is a network marketing building manual. It has all the ingredients, the concepts, and the basic know-how to train you better for a network marketing journey. This book is for anyone who wants to make it big in network marketing. This book contributes to helping you to start your Network Marketing journey. You’ll get to know about  “How to do Part” in a step-by-step manner as you’ll go through this book.

This book will save you time while learning and eliminate all the possible chances to make a mistake; you’ll be getting more knowledge in a less period of time. If you want to build a career in Network Marketing, then this book will be the best option for you, as it teaches you how to generate an unlimited number of leads for your business, and you’ll also get to learn prospecting in a simple, practical format.

Manas Roul is an author, corporate trainer, motivational speaker, management strategist, and accredited wellness coach. He is the author of the book “Step By Step Guide For Network Marketing,” which has become a turbulent success in India. He is also the founder of TEAM DOERS, an independent team of over 12,000 aspiring entrepreneurs from different sectors across India who have successfully built a PLAN B&B second source of income for their families to follow their unfulfilled aspirations and build stability and a back-up plan for their families.

3. Network Marketing: The Way of Life

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Network Marketing-The Way of Life is the greatest resource for presenting new trends in distribution and discovering the possibility of owning your own company. The author analyses and compares the various choices for making money and planning your future. All network marketing dimensions are explored, often asked questions are answered, and concerns and skepticism are presented. The author should not say that network marketing is the only way, the fastest way through life. He says and shows that he’s the right one.

About the Author

A specialist in network marketing, Janusz Szajna introduces you to network marketing’s intricacy that enables you to grow your own company and achieve success.

4. Your First Year in Network Marketing: Overcome Your Fears, Experience Success, and Achieve Your Dreams!

Buy From Amazon

Network marketing is one of the fastest rising job opportunities in the United States. Millions of people, much like you, have left dead-end work for the opportunity to make a dream come true of raising their own companies. What all of us find, though, is that the first year of network marketing is always the most difficult – and for others, the most disappointing – year. This book will give you advance and prior knowledge about how to start a career in Network Marketing.

About the Author

Here, Mark Yarnell and Rene Reid Yarnell, two of the industry’s most admired and accomplished professionals, give you methods to conquer these first-year challenges and prepare yourself for lifelong success. The Yarnell’s provide you with a range of professional tips on anything you need to know to be effective in network marketing, such as validated recruitment, preparation, development and supporting your downline, and more.

5. Achieve More, Succeed Faster : 31 Hidden Benefits of Direct Selling to Live Your Dream Life

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Achieve more, succeed more easily will show you how to: build financial independence and a passive income. Create a 5-step master plan that will help you accomplish your goal. Enjoy long-lasting peace and satisfaction. Earn millions when you’re doing what you love to do. Support people to fulfill their wishes. Adjust your habits and shake old behavior patterns. Create a spiritually, uplifting life. Be a better leader and increase your power. Develop a community of friends to inspire. Get up faster with your profession.

Feeling positive about your future in Network Marketing? It will be so great if this post offers you a new turning point in your company. So, these were the best 5 Books for Network Marketing, which can help you start a career in Network Marketing and give a boost to it.

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