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The Reseller Club Hosting Company is one of the best WordPress hosting providers in India that competes with some of the renowned global brands. Read our Reseller Club Hosting Review.

Founded in 1998 in Mumbai, this brand has come a long way by providing a range of hosting products to a broad range of customers, based on speed, scale, and support.

reseller club review

ResellerClub Hosting Review

The goal of this article is to explore Reseller Club’s internationally acclaimed products, features, and benefits in depth. You will also learn why ResellerClub is the best provider for a fast website if you are looking for a hosting service.

It has been my hosting provider of choice for over 6 months on one of my niche sites.

Let’s jump right in, without spending much time:

ResellerClub Products And Services

When it comes to hosting requirements, ResellerClub has recognized that customers across the world need variety because they compete with international brands.

ResellerClub has something for everyone. Their product list is as follows:

1) Shared Hosting (Linux and Windows)

2) WordPress Hosting (Managed Service)

3) Cloud Hosting

4) Reseller Hosting

5) Reseller Program

6) VPS Hosting

7) Dedicated Servers

1. Shared Hosting- ResellerClub’s:

Shared hosting is one of the cheapest hosting plans available.

ResellerClub’s shared hosting plans start from Rs.35/month for the first month and can help you get online fast.

What’s great about this deal is that you can access and control your website any time with cPanel’s web management platform.

Furthermore, Cloudflare protects your hosting against virus attacks with its content delivery network.

2. WordPress Hosting:

Customers can choose from affordable plans starting at Rs.160/month with ResellerClub’s WordPress hosting managed service.

A service of the same quality costs less than double what some big names charge.

By hosting their WordPress services on the cloud, ResellerClub has a leg up on the competition, giving their customers an advantage when it comes to speed and storage.

Furthermore, they have provided backup tools, like CodeGuard, as well as security integrations, like SiteLock, so that customers can retrieve their data.

These tools offer users two major advantages: CodeGuard automatically backs up their information, while SiteLock provides malware protection, FTP scanning, and vulnerability monitoring.

3. Cloud Hosting:

As well as hosting your website on the cloud, ResellerClub also offers traditional hosting services. ResellerClub’s cloud hosting is scalable on-demand and costs Rs.385 per month.

The intuitive dashboard that helps you monitor your hosting and upgrade your website instantly is well worth the price.

I especially like the Varnish Caching feature of ResellerClub’s cloud hosting.

Varnish Caching is an HTTP accelerator that speeds up load time so their cloud hosting packages come with it. ResellerClub’s cloud hosting includes this crucial feature by far.

4. Reseller Hosting:

The ResellerClub website can also assist you in starting your own business in addition to hosting reselling.

Your reseller hosting business can be started by paying Rs.1290/month. To help you sell these services, ResellerClub offers a super-site storefront.

ResellerClub offers the advantage of the ability to white label their hosting products and set your own pricing for the service by marking it above their selling price.

Many users across the globe are now setting up their own businesses because of this.

5. Reseller Program:

They are also known as the best reseller hosting provider in India. ResellerClub’s reseller program incorporates the reseller hosting and domain services with other products such as SSL security, CodeGuard, etc.

To increase your profits you can sell domains, hosting, security, and add-ons in bulk.

To get started, you can get a reseller account for Rs.1500 by making a deposit.

You can sell over 800 products with this program, and you can set your own prices. All this with round-the-clock support.

6. VPS Hosting:

The option of moving to VPS hosting is also available if your needs in terms of scale and bandwidth grow. Unlike shared hosting, VPS hosting leaves you with your own resources such as RAM, storage, etc.

ResellerClub’s VPS service can provide you with FREE SSDs (Secure Storage Devices) beginning at Rs. 1050/month to amplify your website’s storage.

In terms of VPS hosting providers in India, Reseller Club Hosting is the best one.

7. Dedicated Server:

When your website’s storage requirements exceed your current abilities, you will need a dedicated resource that not only meets your space needs but also satisfies your bandwidth, speed, and security needs.

ResellerClub also offers dedicated server hosting to meet this demand.

It is also worthwhile mentioning that ResellerClub uses SuperMicro blade chassis with their dedicated servers, which will increase the overall efficiency of the servers and will also reduce the recurring capital and operating costs.

At a modest price of Rs.6120/month, ResellerClub provides its dedicated servers with multiple benefits such as uninterrupted server uptime and 24/7 support that are common in most providers’ dedicated servers.

If you’re unhappy with the dedicated servers, ResellerClub will refund your money within 30 daysWe would like to draw your attention to ResellerClub’s Affiliate Program, which allows you to become an affiliate by selling their domain and hosting products through your blog or website..

Special mention should be made of ResellerClub’s Affiliate program through which you can make money on your blog by selling their domain and hosting products.

You can earn a handsome commission on every sale you make by using the marketing materials provided by ResellerClub.

What is the best part of their hosting services?

Storage, security, and speed are the key principles on which ResellerClub has built its services. Using overall benefits for their customers, they have effectively expressed these principles. These points will be elucidated in more detail below:

1) High server uptime –

ResellerClub is a top hosting provider while offering zero downtime to customers.

After checking the speed of ResellerClub’s hosting via UptimeRobot, the company’s speed was definitely worth praising.

There were no hiccups in managing the website.

They also hosted my WordPress website and the difference in performance was dramatic.

I believe that ResellerClub’s Varnish Caching is responsible. I am very happy with their uptime and speed.

2) Data centres built to match international standards-

Data centers at ResellerClub are truly cutting-edge. Hosting facilities for web hosting are available that use innovative equipment and large storage facilities.

In addition, data centers are built in the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, and in other countries as well.

ResellerClub offers large storage services as well as high speed, something we mentioned earlier, through its global network of data centers.

3) Anti-virus and malware security-

It’s all about cyber security these days, and ResellerClub has provided its customers with many layers of security when it comes to hosting services.

All of their customers receive SSL certificates (Secure Socket Layer).

By doing this, visitors can navigate through the website without being concerned.

In addition to SSH (Secure Shell Access), ResellerClub provides its customers with malware protection and virus protection.

As well as CodeGuard and SiteLock, which we mentioned earlier.

To put it in a nutshell, ResellerClub’s security is rock solid when it comes to providing hosting to customers.

Additionally, you can protect your system from malware and threats using Norton Antivirus.

If you think this wasn’t enough, they have a great support team as well

It can be difficult to satisfy the needs of your customers, especially if your business sells technology products.

Several companies provide a common customer care/toll number, which is difficult to find or overloaded when one needs immediate assistance.

Customers can become disengaged and you may lose them rather quickly if this approach is taken.

ResellerClub’s support page offers a variety of ways for you to reach out to their team. Your queries/problems can be resolved in four ways with them, namely:

1) Ticketing system. The ticketing system can be used to file a ticket to contact the support team.

In order to test their response, I asked them to modify the nameservers for the domain I purchased from ResellerClub.

In a short period of time (2 minutes, exactly), my team contacted me with a quick update on my queries.

2) Customer care (phone)- ResellerClub has provided three numbers to talk to their customer care executives.

My call was to one of them to have them migrate my website to WordPress hosting.

Also, I told them I was launching a new business website in order to test them. My constant queries were responded to quickly.

During the migration process, the support team politely guided me through each step in a patient manner.

3) Knowledge Base- To support existing customers with technical queries, ResellerClub has a Knowledge Base page on their website.

One can click on each tab on the page to see the solution to their question. For example, there is a tab for hosting, domain, security, etc.

The hosting page is kept up-to-date, so you can always find out when there are any changes.

This is an excellent step to keep customers informed about solutions as well as updated.

4) Live Support- live support is surprisingly quick.

You can ask a question by clicking on the chat tab on the right-hand side, filling in your name, email, and contact number.

Afterward, you will be asked about the query by the product expert.

If you already have an account, you will be prompted to purchase a new hosting package.