vfx vs cgi

10 Major Difference Between VFX and CGI

VFX stands for Visual Effects. In film and animation processes, visual effects are created by manipulating computer-generated images and live-shot images. The purpose of this method is to attain the desired results and adhere to the demands. Due to the impossibility of creating visual effects on film materially, they are created using computer graphics.

A CGI is an abbreviation of Computer Generated Imagery. CGI refers to anything built digitally on a computer platform. The work could be a picture in the art or print media, a film, a game, a video, an animation, or a small commercial. The term CGI is used more problematically for 3D computer graphics. CGI can also be used for 2D images and are inactive and efficient.

Below are the key differences:

VFX includes CGI. In the movie’s final piece, VFX is employed to create images; these images may include illustrations, artworks, or components created digitally. Although CGI and VFX can be developed independently and without each other.

For the creation of VFX, different, specifically designed software has to be used. CGI is a computer-generated image that is built on a digital platform, but does not require any advanced software.

In the process of creating Visual Effects, timing is crucial. In the initial stage of the procedure, visual effects are prepared and sketched, and they are finalized in postproduction. The procedure is controlled by a Visual Effects manager. When using CGI alone, the user does not need to worry about any timing or supervisor selection.

Weta Digital, Moving Picture Company, Framestore, and Digital Domain are a few of the standard companies that specialize in Visual Effects. Nowadays, virtually all firms use CGI.

CGI includes computer animation as well. In contrast to the landscapes, animation is dynamic. The aim of animation is to place images in such a way that each successive appearance contains a slight variation and can create an illusion of movement. Meanwhile, VFX add new features to already created images, so they can’t be created physically.

Final Thoughts

Both CGI and VFX can be built independently. With the help of miniatures or matte glass paintings, it is possible to develop VFX without using CGI. This is determined by the user’s needs and the plan’s quality.