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People may get irritated by traffic on road, but when it comes for online business the first thing they look for is the traffic.

Whether you’re running a B2B or B2C business in Bangalore the good news is that 70% of the links search users click on are organic search results.

It's the perfect time to give your business a cutting edge by SEO

Cyber Rafting is One of the Top Digital Marketing Agency and SEO Company providing its service in Banglore, India. Cyber Rafting has successfully delivered various projects for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
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Why do you need SEO ?

Billions of searches are being performed all over the world in this very second. Google's rankings now take into consideration how mobile friendly your site is. Untill now Search Engine Optimization, though being a sustained marketing strategy, was normally employed by enterprises and medium sized business owners only. Small enterprises usually dont consider SEO at large. But now with a smart phone in every other hand and more people getting access to internet, SEO cannot be ingored and it has become crucial for smaller firms too.
Being one of the top SEO company in Banglore we can put your website on top ranks of major search engines.

We follow the Latest SEO Trends

The year 2017 has already arrived and SEO both local and global are in contantly evolving phase. Here are few of the latest trends in SEO

1. AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages for SEO

2. Content is Still the King for SEO

3. Increasing importance of social Media in SEO

4. More focus on broken link building

5. Optimized search across platforms, devices and channels

What Will be the end Result

Increas In the Rank of your Website

More Online Visibility

More Traffic Coming to your website

Increas In Customers

Increas In Leads


grow your traffic with SEO in Bangalore

OffPage SEO

In Googles guide to Building Smartphone-optimised websites they recommend the use of Responsive Web Design (RWD) “...because it has many good aspects”. We will ensure your responsive website is always built utilising best practice and built to Google's own guidelines enhancing the search optimisation benefit for your rankings and visibility in Google.

OnPage SEO

Managing separate mobile and desktop sites requires two of everything, including search engine optimisation campaigns! Responsive web design solves that by utilising one website regardless of the device its being viewed on. You also will not need to develop new functionality twice as you only ever have one website.

Let's get your business rank in top search resutls

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