Why Content creates Hurdles in Web Development and how to stop it hampering your Project

When you are looking at mapping your next web development project, it’s not a question of if you are going to sort out your content, but when.

Content is an integral part of website project. Even if you aren’t planning on doing any rewrites, you still need to know how much content to port across, how it will be formatted, and whether some part of it will be deleted, and to check if there are any risks from the organic search perspective.

For one, if you start content writing, then the earlier the better. Producing content is beneficial for many of the activities in the project and the earlier it is created the better so the other parts can be completed. Let’s look at the benefits of having actual content early.

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  1. The Advantage of Early Content

Having content which is made earlier can help us to make initial outputs of a website project more realistic and beneficial to the final product.

This can start as early as the user research phase. Having a handle on the tone and messaging of the site can help you in the research, which can be used to cater to a specific user and customer motivations in relation to your messaging and content. This can help you to assess how effective your messaging is and how relevant it is to your users.

Wireframing with content in place can help you understand how much space is required for text. It is important that you wireframe with the content, cause if you do it with lorem ipsum and then the content comes in it can break the layout of the website and create an actual problem for the developer.

This also applies to visual design. If you have content ready to go, then the design can be made with the content in mind, which reduces the chances of restyling when the build finishes. You can start tweaking the styling of content at this early stage, and then when it comes to final content loading you will already know how it works and even potentially have a head start

  1. When Content is an Afterthought

As has been elicited before, the multitude of functions to be performed in developing the website are likely to pull you in a number of different directions. This can result in content becoming a bit of an afterthought which can in turn have some negative impact on the project.

Content should be as important as the design of the website, as it is the content which tells the story of the website and the bran story. If you go through the design with only dummy content, then when the real content comes at the end then this can have a number of repercussions.

At the end, it might need you to do some remedial work at the end. It could also negatively affect the amount of styling options available for you based on your design, as you can see if the developer did not have content in place then they would not know what kind of content layouts and styles that were destined to be on the site.

Adding the content at such a late time in the development cycle leaves you in the mercy of back-end content editors.  This could affect the styling as mentioned above, and potential length limitations that may not suit the content you have.

Thankfully, all this hassle can be avoided simply by creating real content earlier in the project once you’re working with at least an example of final copy, it becomes possible to design and build assets that are ready to accommodate what you really need.

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