Top 5 Reasons Why Design Matters To Your Business

We at Cyberrafting believe that a good web design is a must for every business, but it is questionable how much businesses value a good web design for their business.  So, to outline why web design is of great importance, we have listed the various top reasons why it does matter. We have guaranteed the reason proven, and we guarantee that if you stick to them then your business will have copious amounts of positive results.

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Design Sells

Have you been motivated by numbers all along? Well the first point in order to consider that web design is important to a business and should be introduced. Because in 2005 a company called the Design Council studied approximately 63 portfolios of companies that traded on the FTSE over the course of a decade. It is was seen through the studies that companies who emphasized in web design dealt a lot more in sales than the ones that didn’t.

Strong web design = strong customer trust

Just about every business is online today, and most of the encounters with businesses are done online. There are chances that most companies run online solely, which means the impression you give through your website is 100% more important than ever. How do you leave a good impression through your website, of course by doing web design.

Studies show that badly designed websites are often ignored, not visited and not read by visitors. They are often related to rapid mistrust, confusion and rejection, therefore make sure you have a website with a Good Design.

Good Design keeps your brand memorable

Web design is much more than the outward appearance of your brand, services and products. It goes so much deeper than that, especially when it comes to brand design. What makes your brand memorable? Good customer service and good products, but beyond surface level what really counts and leaves a lasting impression? Good design.

Design keeps your content user friendly

Why not make your complex information easier to understand by using a good web design? It is seen that content and technology is becoming more powerful and complex, so a good design throughout all of the interfaces, data displays, and physical product can advertise your company so much easier.

Makes a good impression

Lastly, a good web design on your business leaves a lasting impression on the customer. Every single other company in your field and industry are fighting for the customers with interest in that field. It is good that you can say that your company can offer this, can offer that, at this price, with these features but eventually you are offering the same product, the same level of service, what will differ you from your rivals? Good design.

Design is completely a good decision. Good design gives you a competitive edge, and certainly drives powerful marketing result that allows you to stand out from the crowd.


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