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Most businesses still understand the importance of design in creating an effective marketing campaign. Most of their opinions are formed due to what appeals to them in web design. But the important thing to consider is that do people know what makes web design vital for the success of your business- even more than content?

Web Design Company in Mumbai


It may not be a question you hear often, but if you’re a web designer, occasionally someone is going to ask you why.

  • What does it matter to audiences where the call to action on a certain page is on?
  • Why it important is which colors should be used?
  • Why does the size of my images matter?
  • Why must I break up my text into such small paragraphs?

When it comes to building trust in a desired audience, research shows that web design elements are exponentially more significant than content.

When a survey was conducted on which factors affected the trust of a particular website, 94 percent said that it depended on the web design elements, while only 6 percent made mention of specific content.

While the study cited above was concerned with health websites, it stands as a useful instrument for any web designer given the elements that caused the most problems.

The basis of the mistrust included a variety of information, such as:

  • Busy or complex layouts
  • Pop=ups and other noisy interruptions
  • Small or hard to read fonts
  • Lack of vibrancy or eye candy
  • Slow website intros and load times


  1. People Trust what they see, Not what you Say

We all agree that content marketing is vital to online businesses. However, content marketing doesn’t occur in a vacuum. It occurs within a framework of design and technology.

At first, it may seem odd to say that your web design is something that engenders trust. We like to think of ourselves as nonjudgmental when it comes to appearances. However, our common sense and experience tell us that appearances matter.