There are many websites which help in the development process, by providing advice and certain features which will help you in the progress of your website, like free website templates. Templates provide the basic overview of the website and the structure required to add code inside the website template.

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Here are some website which provide website templates for free:

  1. Free

Our website features thousands of templates from developers throughout the world. Each developer has chosen a licence type that best serves their needs.

Template found in the website are Free CSS website are HTML templates, they are not WordPress themes or any other pre-built/ pre-ported CMS theme, template or skin.

  1. OS Templates

When you download a free website template from our site the files that are contained in the zip file cannot in their current state be used in any dynamic system.

When using our templates for your clients the licence must be followed and your client must be informed of the licence that comes with the template.

  1. Free Website Templates

This website provides the best website templates anywhere in the market. And a wide variety of website templates along with free ones it is hard to ignore this site. There are also Forums which can be accessed to assess this website.

  1. MetaMorphosis Design

Metamorphosis Design Studio offers quality, free website templates for your business and personal life, we also offer affordable web design and site re-design. Five reasons to use our flash templates in your project include Time, Money, Beauty, Safety and Security and Support.

  1. Website Builder

Whatever your vision of your site is website builder have you covered. Our designers have created stunning ready-made templates in all niches and styles to give your website an instant head start. Here at Website Builder, we pride ourselves on having the best template designs in the industry.

  1. W3 Layouts

We started w3layouts with an aim to make web Mobile Friendly. Building a separate mobile website for mobile users? But wait what about responsive design which is supported by HTML5 and CSS3 supported mobile devices and what about remaining Mobile devices which are not responsive, to handle this would require a lot of time and money.

  1. Theme Wagon

Theme Wagon is an amazing website to get free resources. You will find free one-page responsive bootstrap themes and templates with cool design and great UI/ UX. Our creative designers and rockstar WordPress theme developers are working continuously to develop high quality free one-page responsive bootstrap themes and templates.