Web Design Company in Mumbai

Most Real Estate developers of high end luxury real estate do, not what is required for their website design.

Here are 9 real estate web design which relates to the impressive luxury real estate, which will come useful both from the companies intending to create a successful website and from already existing websites.

Web Design Company in Mumbai

Offer a lifestyle instead of a property

Buyers of high-end luxury property do care about comfort, exclusivity and privacy.

The website design should concentrate on things which are considered trifles when considered by economy end real estate clients such as solar panels, exclusive façade and reclaimed materials.

Use expensive renders only

A well designed 3D Render of the property is an essential part of any luxury property website.

This feature is a must for both economy and elite class customers. Using various software like VRAY, 3D Studio Max, Maxwell, the developer can create a mock-up of the effect of being present in the apartment.

Use Flaws as Advantage

Do not ignore flaws when telling customers of the advantage of owning an apartment. Highlight them by telling the lighter points of the property, “Even though the apartments are a little while away from downtown and despite being a little boring and remote it has a Forrest trail which will be an ideal place for picnics and outdoor activities.”

Flaws as well as advantages should be outplayed.

A stunning photo gallery is a must

The qualitative photo gallery is an essential requirement for real estate website. The buyers will find the property appealing if the photos are splendid and professional. The first impression of the website is created by its photo gallery and this creates the first impression of the property as well.

The property should have a defined customer

Choose the target audience, the age of the customer and other demographic information when creating a website design, it is important to define the important things for them.

Qualitative content is the key

Qualitative content is the key for any website. Web search of luxury real estate in any city shows a few companies on the first pages. Stunning videos, animation, professional photos do draw attention, but what really sells is targeted content, and search optimization.

Using High-end technology

This does not mean that there should be worked out 3D Tours, crazy animation, aerial photos in large quantities for the website. Even though some of these should be used in tandem for a website design. Quadrocopter shooting, video, storytelling is the great options to make a website more attractive. Use technology wisely taking into account your target audience.

Email Subscription

Use emails to inform your customers about the building progress. The first email should inform customers with a company and its offers. They may include videos, special articles, news and interviews. A limited special proposal is also encouraged.

Create a Mobile website in addition to the desktop

Around 60 % of visitors visit your website of a real estate via the smartphones. It is essential to create a mobile-responsive website. This would enable users to find all necessary information fast and easily regardless of the device they use.