website designing company in Mumbai


Website designing company in Mumbai

When you talk about Web tools- certain names strike you as the best, whether it was Dreamweaver in the past, or NotePad++, Sublime or even Text Editors such as Gedit(Linux) or IDE’s such as Netbeans. As a Web Design in India, based, on the language you use you can create webpages in almost any language from PHP, ASP or Ruby on Rails. Most of us had forgotten of the existence of Environment such as Dreamweaver or Frontpage.

We all must have used the default editor years ago when we started developing website such as Dreamweaver, this was popular because of its WYSIWYG approach which made it a hit with the novices as did its integration to deployment but it produced very messy and invalid code with pages tending to be optimized for Internet Explorer. Even when landing the first job many of us are given a copy of the easiest and most robust development platform to develop mostly static webpages for the businesses. The main gripe people had with using such development environment was that it came with a WYSIWYG editor which facilitated the production of invalid markup and bloated code, and the code maintainability was a problem.

As a Website Designing Company in India, most developer when changing systems from Windows to Linux try hard to get Dreamweaver and Frontpage work with Windows Emulators such as Wine but it also cause many problems with the websites. Hence, you need to understand the new OS and download alternatives such as Bluefish, Kompozer and NVU but find it hard to be productive on such environment.

When you do take this step try to invest some time to understand a text editor, which at this point needs to start programming for the web. Settle for a development editor such as Sublime which has packages for any programming language, comes packed full of features, such as multi-edit, goto anything( method hopping in large files).  This all seemed like black magic at first, but once mastered is something you’ll wonder that you were able to live without.