Web Design Company in Mumbai

These two terms are similarly used by most common folks just like using the term Surf to consider washing powders even if they were of different companies.

There was nothing wrong done by using the term ‘Surf’ and no harm came out of it. This was mostly because that was referring to was used by everyone in the market.

Similarly with the term of web designer and developer which are used interchangeably, irrespective of what these two terms differ in the services they describe. The truth, is that the term reference two fundamentally different aspects of website development and require two different unique skill sets.

Web Design Company in Mumbai

Let’s Take a Closer Look at Web Design

Before we continue, one important facet of a web designer is to understand the objective of the client’s website then everything else follows. You cannot go ahead and fit fancy graphics and color schemes on a website unless you know what the website owners are looking for unless you have clients who just want the work to be done.

For most parts, you need to know the target market the website is catering towards and how they would interact and work with the graphics which are placed on the website. Try to understand what each client wants to achieve with the progress of the website, whether it is to improve the reach and feel of the website towards customer service or increase the clientele to a more common customer base to sell goods and services online to their customers.

You will realize that most designers use several basic design principles to achieve aesthetically pleasing layout which also offers excellent user experience.

Graphic designers do most of this work, and they create the main focus on the look and feel of a website and their pride lies in visual design.

What they need to do is to get the clients’ vision on how they want the customers to view their services and create an artistic design that is pleasing to viewers or users of the website.

Graphic designers are mostly interested in how visitors interact with the website so they create artistic designs in improving the user-friendliness of the interface.

The biggest objective of the designer is to select the right color, layout, font and images which ultimately create the whole personality of the website. Besides the user-friendly web pages a designer works on the usability of the website. Web designers create pages that the target market can relate to.

For example, if you create a website for nursery children to be designed with the help of large fonts, bright colors, graphics, less text and images. This would make the website attractive and captures the attention of the target audience.

Hence, their work relies on information flow, graphic design and color scheming and their tools of work include using languages such as HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Some of the Important Web Design Principles

  • Balance: It is important for the web designer to create a balance in their web layout. In web design, there are heavy (large and dark colors) and light (small and lighter color) elements. These must be applied in correct proportion to achieve a balanced website design.
  • Contrast: If you are a web designer, you should know that contrasting colors should be placed opposite one another on the color wheel. So here is when you look at contrasting sizes, textures and shapes define and draw attention to certain sections of the website.
  • Emphasis: For a web designer’s emphasis on certain features should be considered unusable in websites. For example, if you are building a web page and you have highlighted more than 50% of the text, it would make the website boring and distracting.
  • Compatibility: It is important for a website to be compatible with various devices and screens as in this day and age it is important for users to view your website on any screen.

So where does Web Development Fit in all This

Web developers use the design created by the design team and work on the back end to create a fully functional website. These are the people behind the smooth functioning of every element on the web page when users interact with the website. They take care of all the behind the scene works of a website.

So, as it stands it is safe to say that web design is the non-interactive part of websites and images on a web page; the developer handles all the working of the web page from the back end. For example, it would mean the use of a system that now allows you to give commands and get responses with just a click.

For example, you like the functioning of the website and want to share a certain feature on the website, then if the share button works and you can send this information to your friends, this includes the developer role on the website.

Most of these developers will use certain coding languages in creating a website for your use, for example, the use of HTML as the front end designing language while the use of a dynamic and potent server scripting language such as PHP and MySQL for the back end of the website.

Web developers can also use a Content Management System website, such as WordPress, Jhoomla or Magento to make a website using a pre-defined theme to create an interface and allow clients to easily maintain the website.

The work of a web developer who is also termed as a programmer is to have excellent problem solving skills, their skills outperform those of a regular programmer and have skills above and beyond those a normal software developer. Think of a web developer as more of a technical expert with programming skills.


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