Few Web Design Trends to Ignore

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Most of the Web Design which becomes popular is because it helps in the user experience and helps in solving genuine problems. But, many become popular on basis of infatuation or belief that it solved certain redundancy which existed when it does not cater to any of these. As a Web Design Company in India, the problem is, that design trends can be hard to stop once they catch on and even the worst of them crop up all over the web.

Here are 5 design trends which you should ignore:

Loading Screens: Page speed which shows certain pages on link clicks are detrimental to the website design as it may cause people to move away from such website. Most of the users, who access websites, do it on the mobile platform which means they do not time to wait for the website to load. Most smartphones possess issues such as weaker hardware, patchy connection and limited data plans slowing them down.

Popups on Mobile: Popups have made a steady comeback in the last few years and if you talk to marketing experts they will agree based on data, but UX experts will say that it does more harm, than good in the long run. The problem is that popups take up the whole screen of the mobile devices and they load after the webpage has loaded and it causes the user to close down the popup before he can continue reading. Not only is this annoying for users, it interrupts the marketing message that brought them to your site.

Parallax : As a Web Design Firm in India, using this where most website overkill the functionality and make it bad for people who use it on mobile devices. Subtle use of parallax can really bring a page for life but overdoing it can cause a headache to users. Parallax simply isn’t a part of a mobile friendly web design; keep it simple, using lightweight code.

Autoplay Audio: Autoplaying Vidoe on website has become a common functionality of many websites which can be seen on homepages. But having autoplay audio blaring from your website can often cause people to move away from visiting your website as they are generally multitasking by doing other things which this audio will interrupt.

Hidden Navigation: Mobile gave designers a problem that there was not enough space to show the blown up navigation menu on a smaller screen. But, using this on the desktop is way too bizarre. It’s a bad idea to hide navigation, unless completely necessary, because adding an extra click to every page view is crazy. Not only is this bad for user experience, there’s absolutely no need for it on larger display. But this can be seen on various websites not because it is improving user experience as it calls for an extra click and overlapping of menus which is highly undesirable and hampers usability.