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Web design is constantly developing and new trends come up now and then. As summer 2017 comes, new trends in web design emerge offering a different viewpoint on how websites should look and how elements are presented for visual purposes and the enjoyment of users. From the dominance of minimalistic design in the early months, comes a more fancy and elaborate style of designing that adds excitement not only to the designer and developers but also to the owners and visitors of the website.

While there are many emerging trends which need to be designed that are noticeable since the start of summer and in the weeks leading to it, some really made a buzz and made people follow suit. Here are some of these dominating trends:

Web Design Company in Mumbai

  1. Thin Typography is Back

While thin fonts and typo was given a negative feedback when it was used as the font for the iOS7 operating system, it is now back on track and is being widely used in various designs. What was considered a hard to read typography has now made its way to home pages and campaign layouts. While bolder and wider layout still stand out and headlines, but a combination of thin fonts make it even more attractive, if not highly dramatic. While thin font are not recommended for body copy, using it in a bigger size provides you with the space and freedom to play with your design.

  1. More Elaborate Details

Minimalism is slowly falling off the face of the website design, while the use of fun, fancy fonts is continually beginning to flourish. Adding as many elements as the design can catch is growing on the people. It adds more textures and personality to the style. The secret to using this design is to use as many elements but still appearing simple, as the more elaborate it can be it will still be very easy to understand.

  1. Use of Icon Logos

The thin line between icon and logo has been crossed and often unintentionally. This summer, however, icon logo as starting to become dominant and using it deliberately across pages.  Icon logos still have some form of minimalistic characters, using design which can be carried forward to other platforms like social media for consist branding.

  1. Asymmetry

For some time now, symmetrical designs have slowly disappeared in favored layouts. Asymmetry creates a dramatic effect to the whole design that allows free play and inclusions of many elements without having to mind balance.

  1. Content which Shines

Overall design of the current market let and give content ample opportunities to shine and get the attention. Grounded on the principle that content is important for marketing, designs now create color, light, shade and other elemental contrasting to make sure content hits the first strike.