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  • Display Total Cost of Products Straightforwardly

There are many E-Commerce websites which do not display the overall cost of buying the product from the website such as shipping cost unless the customer completes the orders. It is a deceptive practice leaving customers with the feeling that they are being cheated.

Web Design Company in Mumbai

In order to avoid this, you need to make sure that the total cost of buying the product is shown prominently. It will help buyers to make buying decisions accordingly.

  • Appropriate Customer Support

There are many numbers of entrepreneurs who do not consider the importance of having a customer support infrastructure for their E-Commerce website. When customers begin to come to your website and use your products there are always chances that they will need some support in regards to the product.

If you allow 24*7/ 365 days customer support to your clientele then they can easily resolve any issues which they may have with the product. Therefore you need to add a number and email id to your front pages and add a chatbot if required.

  • Up-to-Date Product Page

A product page comes in handy when the customer needs to check information about the product such as price, shipping costs, specification, testimonials and take any action with regards to it.

Therefore you should keep the product pages updated and beautifully to educate customers very well about your products and services. A well-educated customer can turn into a business opportunity.

  • Use Good Quality Images

Images are part and parcel of an E-Commerce website. E-Commerce website owners use it in great numbers to show the customer what they are buying. It captivates buying intent and makes them take decisions swiftly.

Therefore when you list products on your website they should include high-quality images to attract buyers.  You can use image compression technology to keep the images low in space without affecting the quality. It is important to keep your site light and save your valuable resources.

  • Use Colors and Fonts Carefully

The careful use of color is important for the usability of your website. You should use eye-pleasing colors and soothing fonts that resemble with your business or brand and keep buyers away from unnecessary distractions.

  • Minimize Clutters

E-Commerce website owners in order to improve the efficiency of the website use to display a number of ads on the website pages so as to improve output such as Pop-ups, promotional messages, RSS feeds. All these may distract users and they may not take the action for which they landed on the page.

Therefore you need to determine what it necessary for your website. Based on your priority, you must keep only necessary elements on your site and delete troublesome clutters.

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