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User Experience(UX) design and User Interface(UI) design are different entities in the same design principles but are the same concept. But both of them are separate design principles and you would require both UX and UI designers while creating a website. But for your and other web developers needs we will explain the difference between both of these.

The differences between these two types of design are:

Firstly, don’t Consider Them to be the Same

It is important that both of these are not the same, UI design is based on visual design and interaction design. The easiest way to differentiate between the two, is that UI is the masters of design and micro-interaction on the website.

UX designers are also interested in these interactions but their design principles makes them work on high-level view of whatever they happen to be working on. They concentrate on macro-interactions.

UX is based on Usefulness of Interfaces

If you build something on the looks of the website it also has to be useful. Designed website built by an affiliate marketing company, will never holds any appeal and will not be able to make any money. To do this you have to make the interface beautiful, this is where an UI designer will make it into something people will use because they want to use the website.

The UX designers will be creating the minimum viable product. They will work on creating the prototype.

In order to meet Targets you need a UX Designer

The difference between an UI designer and a UX designer is that UX will focus on meeting a goal. For example, if you create a system for an Italian Food Cuisine site, you will concentrate on getting information about what’s important to lovers of Italian Cuisine. And incorporate this in their website designer.

UI designers will look at the personality of the customers and design the design to make emotional connections. They will create the hook that draws that target market in a keeps them there.

UX Design happens First

UX design as a thumb rule will happen first before UI design. In this the UX designers will conduct much of the initial research that will either discount or recommend certain product ideas.

On the other hand UI Designers work on micro interactions of the website and won’t be involved until the basic design has been created.

But this can differ in some cases in some companies and you will meet individuals who are adept in both of these fields. You will get the best results when you allow designers to have flexibility in relation to their workflow.

UI Design relates to Interfaces

UI designs are based on interfaces which need to be built. While UX designers have a broader work relationship and can be implemented on any product. UX designers can work on traditional products, such as software and websites.

UX designer is by far the most flexible professional. They can work in a broader environment, but they’re still both required to make a project work.

The two of these designs often are confused in such a manner that companies think they’re getting one thing while they’re getting another. However, it is seen that both these designers are the same thing , their roles are similar their differences means that they are both required to make a project function effectively.