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The last few years we saw a large number of new ideas and technology trends; with major browsers offering support for HTML5 and CSS3 standard, as well as a faster JavaScript engine. The difference with web industry trends is that they don’t last that long and new concepts get introduced each year and staying in touch with the latest development is no longer an option, but a necessity for those who want to look at staying ahead of the competition. This is especially important with the ever-changing landscape that is web design, so here are some new trends which will come within the next year:

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Responsive Website Design

With the advent of responsive design in the past couple of years, we have seen some websites embrace this technique, but it will be seen in the next year that many small or medium size businesses and company will embrace this responsive design on a much larger scale. This is due to two main reason; one is that the responsive design is the cost efficiency of responsiveness, you can create a website which will fit in no matter which screen a user takes to view the website. The second reason was that Google has started to use their ranking algorithm which provides greater leverage for websites which access such responsiveness.

Mobile first Websites

Mobile first websites are such that they develop websites first for mobiles and then create websites for the larger screen. It is seen that most websites are being accessed using the mobile device for browsing the internet. With small-screen real-estate comes the need of reorganizing the content and removing all the information which might otherwise be displayed on a bigger screen, but is deemed unnecessary on mobile.

Framework and UI Patterns

The advent of responsive and mobile first design has seen the use of pre-designed themes such as WordPress Themes which have become very popular, and as more websites use this, this has unfortunately led them to look and have the same feel. The use of UI and UX patterns has led to a more unified and consistent user experience across all platforms.

Card and Grid UIs

One of the common themes which have been introduced due to trends in web design was the use of card-based UIs. Tech giants such as Google, Facebook, Pinterest has included the use of card-based design, as the use of this allows for easy content management as they are displayed as cards. The card-based design has created really well into responsive design and work well on both mobile, tablet and desktop. With the attention span of customer reducing it is important to display such information into manageable chunks for both large and small businesses.

Parallax Scrolling

Once scrolling was used to scroll from the top of the page to the bottom, scrolling is being used by designers as a creative way of improving the content display on their website and as a way of sifting through content. It’s a technique of schooling which creates a 3d effect with the background and foreground images moving at different speeds. It works excellent with all the different varieties of delivering content, whether it’s text, images or video. Most single-page websites tend to overuse it making it a difficult user experience.

Advance in Animation

Companies are moving away from static images on their websites, to include animation on their pages as a new way to engaging users and improving the user experience of their pages. This wouldn’t have been possible without the advances in CSS3, HTML5 and Jquery, and more and more designers are turning to animation as away to be more interesting and engaging content. They range from small distractions while the page is loading to hover animation, navigation cues and full-screen visuals which are either the focus of the website or can later be integrated into parallax scrolling.

Bold Colors everywhere

The past few years has seen over saturation of colors on websites creating vibrant hues and mesmerizing gradients. This is primarily due to screens being able to identify a greater number of colors and also to the fact that big brands are trying to move away from what was considered safe and go for a new and more exciting approach. The best example for that is the Instagram’s logo change, which once had a flat, natural design is now replaced by a more vibrant and colorful design.

Video as the content of choice

Nothing grabs the attention of viewers like the presence of a video narrative. It takes little to none conscious efforts to consume it, which is why all the big brands are starting to use it more and more as a content delivery method. Used for marketing practices, storytelling, and product placement, videos is becoming the majority of internet traffic, due to advances in video chatting, live streaming and its overall adoption by the social media giants.

Fewer stock Images

Using similar WordPress Themes and UI Design it can be seen that most websites are looking the same and working in strikingly similarly ways. Using stock images and videos on top of this can only make the website looking even more similar than ever. Being different has become at the forefront of web design as businesses are pushing towards more authenticity in order to attract new customers.