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While there are hundreds of tools available for use by web designers to help build a website, there are a few which make the job very easy and considered noteworthy. I have put together a list of the best tools available for a web designer. These tools can be used by Digital Marketer to help optimize their digital marketing campaigns.

Web Design Company in Mumbai


Whatever is their fancy, if you are going to be developing a lot of websites for use by companies then CMS is the way to go. CMS or Content Management System quite literally allows the designer or you to control and manage the content within the website. Using this intuitive system, a designer can show a marketer how to add, delete and edit web pages on their website on the fly. CMS can be used to generate hundreds of web pages which can be connected to each other and the most popular CMS used by most designers are WordPress, Jhoomla and Drupal.

Google Fonts

This is Google’s gift to the world. By embedding a single line of code or plug-in, you can create any font of your liking to your website design. Fonts play a crucial role in the aesthetics of web design.

With the help of Google Fonts, a web designer and developer will be able to create and display any fonts which he likes without having to install a plug-in by the user. By linking to one of Google’s fonts n their library, they’re able to display a beautiful custom font throughout the internet.

Adobe Photoshop

This is a great design ware, this allows users to create and modify images in any format they like and use it to display it on the website and is considered on the most popular software program. The great part of this software is that it comes ready for any form of operating system even MACs and UNIX Systems.

The great part of the software is that it is the most intuitive program available on the net and allows designer and digital marketers to execute using the most complete set of tools their work and campaigns altogether. Like any image editing program, Photoshop can be ideal if you want to alter images like photos, downloaded icons or scanned artwork.

Altering images can mean a host of things such as changing the color theme of the photo, altering the size and gradient of the images as well as placing one picture within another picture.

Apart from editing a photo, Photoshop contains many tools to create images from scratch. On your website, you will often need to make custom icons, buttons, lines, balls or text art which Adobe makes it excessively easy.


Firebug is one of the most commonly used tools for web designers and it offers a wide range of development tools at your fingertips.

Firebug makes it easy for web designers to look through the structure of the code and make changes in the CSS of the program to improve the look of the website. With the help of Firebug add-on one can edit, debug and monitor CSS, HTML and JavaScript on any web page.

So, whatever tool one decides on for a particular project, one of these web designs will make it easier for you to develop and maintain your project right from the start. Remember the right web design tool can really speed up your work time and remove a lot of frustration that can arise from sharing work among your digital marketing team.

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