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The importance of staying up with the trends with regards to your website is foremost; it includes the website being responsive so that it can be accessible on any platform, simple and clean so consumers can navigate through it and optimized for conversions so that people always know what the next step they should take is.

As a Web Design Company in Mumbai, some companies forget to concentrate on the important points and instead concentrate on “trendiness”, what they feel is aesthetically pleasing and stop focusing on how it’s going to make business money.

This is the part when your website starts costing and loses money for your company and not gains you money as people generally are expecting when they invest in a new website design. Here are some ways to not lose money with a new website design

Don’t Consider Analytics which show what is working

It’s very important to know where traffic is coming from and what pages are leading to conversions. A good web design team will understand what’s currently effective about your website from an analytics perspective so that they aren’t re-inventing the wheel on stuff that doesn’t need to be re-invented.

Ask your design team to consider tracking the data on where your customer is bouncing off the website, and where people are converting. This analytics data is important to get an accurate picture of what’s currently working.

Do not insist on Implementing the Newest Trends in Web Design at the Expense of Usability

Even if the Sales Guy terms some important additions to the new Web Design such as a parallax and a video background, do not break a sweat, because stuffing needless fashionable or animated elements can be distracting and lead to heavy load times on key pages.

As a Web Design Company in Navi Mumbai, make sure you point it out to the design team that business goals are at the center of the new redesign, not making it fancy or pretty, also put an emphasis on how it affects the companies’ bottom line but allow for creativity when it serves that end purpose.

Don’t get caught up in Board Room Jargon and Title Pages with that Name and Not the One People Relate To

Do not consider using jargons on page titles as these scream out “We don’t Care about you” and this will not give people what they expect or understand. Be Considerate, be empathetic, focus on what your prime demographics will comprehend and speak to them first and foremost.

Speak to your customer and ask them what they refer to a particular service as, try not to influence their answer, then label things as your customers see them, you’ll be laying the groundwork for a much easier to navigate website.

Don’t Investigate the Design Team to Make Sure You are Changing the Design for Sales

Some Web Design companies are really branding companies that dabble in web design. They are perfect for making something look amazing, they often have incredible websites themselves but are unable to create them for their clients.

They do not consider the number game focused approach to web design and instead design for their perception of their understanding of billboards, brand perception and big spends on paid ads. A numbers-focus or conversion-centric approach to web design means that they care how the website really will perform in six months and how many real sales came as a result of the redesign.

Bring up the conversion-centric approach before you hire a designer, ask if they have been involved with A/B testing, or how they gauge whether a website redesign was effective.

Make your Company Special or Different Than Your Competitors

Make what you do better than your competitors dead obvious on your homepage with the images and headline which you choose, if you are a bank that dedicates endless hours to a customer service focus, be clear about that focus in your headlines.

Always ask your loyal customers or clients why they came to you over competitors. If they say its because your service people show up on time and smile and you hear that again and again, you website should make that it’s focal point, and include headlines that speak to that.

As a Web Design Company in India, you do not have to lose money on a new website redesign, a well-done site can pay for itself in a matter of months but its important to be intentional about the angle you take with a web design team, where you have to focus on usability over trendiness, label things how your customers see them and not how you refer to them, look at analytics and take a conversion-centric approach.