Tips on Avoiding Pitfalls in Development of Web Apps

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When asked to 13 executives from 12 companies developing web apps or developing tools for web apps for their clients, what was the most common issue they saw affecting the development of web applications?, here’s what they told us:

  • Developers underestimate latency and the performance implication of architecture.
  • When testing, developers do not check on various browsers, and are unable to create an SSL certification for all their webpages, and browser vendors have hit back on this making this mandatory and punishing websites which do not have this certification.
  • Developers do not think what is required and end up with the wrong stack, people are choosing something, but lack of planning, too much delegation and not enough due diligence.
  • Right now there are a lot of different tools and languages available to accomplish the same thing. Developers need to choose languages and environments which perform similar things but have subtle strengths and weakness. New tools arise every week, so web developers always need to pay attention, read the news and do a lot of experiments.
  • Integration with legacy system is not treated seriously by many developers. API strategies result in better growth and relevance for internal and external consumption. We should have the same rigor for internal APIs that we have for external APIs. When building legacy systems without well thought out API strategies, you end up with a fixed group that only understands how the legacy system works. Without documentation, it can cause problems as members leave and are replaced by people outside the department or company.
  • Newer Javascript frameworks, .Net versions, java versions are emerging every week, new ways to doing web development are there but there are only some companies working to reduce the complexity of the Apps along with increasing speed.
  • Evolution of the modern client-side is much more sophisticated and has a greater learning curve with frameworks and build tools. Understanding of REST APIs.
  • Complexity is always an issue, with the number of open source projects, architectural patterns, you need to share as much as we can but it can get confusing. It is also important to decouple your perceptions from that of the users, and its important to gather user insights.

The conversation continued and worked in improving their result in getting better web apps for development and business purposes.